How to Uninstall Instant Support

Instant Support is an undesirable application that can switch your search engine (default) without your permission, switch your homepage and bother you with several advertisements as well. This adware can completely hijack the browser that you use.

Keep reading if you want to learn about the different ways regarding how to uninstall Instant Support from your computer system if you have somehow managed to install it unintentionally.

Removing Instant Support by Making Use of Windows Control Panel

Adware such as Instant Support and the majority of the hijackers install a few of their elements as extra software and standard Windows programs. You can uninstall this particular malware part from the control panel on your computer (this is one of the easiest ways you can implement if you want to know how to uninstall Instant Support from your system). Follow these steps to access it:

Step 1: From START, head over to Control Panel (if you have an older version of Windows in your system), or if you have Windows 10 or Windows 8, tap Windows and then navigate to Key-> Search. Put in “control panel” (this is indicated in the picture below) and then hit Enter on your keyboard.

2nd Step: Peruse the entire list of programs you observe on your screen and choose the relevant entries to Instant Support. You may tap on “Installed On” or “Name” to rearrange all your programs and make it easier for yourself to find Instant Support.

3rd Step: The next step is to click on the button that reads Uninstall. Click on yes if the system asks you if you truly want to remove the said program from your computer.

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Uninstalling Instant Support from your Firefox Browser

1st Step: To uninstall Instant support from your Firefox Browser, the first step is to tap on the menu button located on Mozilla window’s top right corner. Next, click on the icon that reads “Add-ons” (as you can see in the image below). Alternately, you can hold the Ctrl, Shift, and A buttons simultaneously on your system’s keyboard.

2nd Step: Scroll down through the Addons and Extensions list and remove every program related to Instant Support and other items that you do not require or fail to recognize. If you are not familiar with the extension and Google, Mozilla, Microsoft, Adobe, or Oracle has not made it, you most likely do not require it, and it is simply best to remove it from your system.

Uninstalling Instant Support from your Chrome Browser

1st Step: The first thing you need to do tap on the menu button situated on a Google chrome Window’s top right corner. Then click on Settings.


2nd Step: From the left menu bar, click on “Extensions.” Then scroll down the extensions list and remove those programs that you do not require, particularly those that are the same as Instant Support. Tap on the icon of the trash bin adjacent to Instant Support or any other add-on that you would like to eliminate from your computer, laptop, etc.


A confirmation window will pop open. From this window, click on the Remove button. All you have to do now is restart your Chrome browser, and you are good to go!

How to Remove Instant Support from your Safari Browser?

In case you have a Safari Browser, follow these steps to remove instant support from your browser.

1st Step: The first thing you have to do is Click on Preferences after you tap on the Safari menu from your browser.


2nd Step: Tap on Extensions Tab (as you can see in the picture below).

After clicking on the tab, press the Uninstall button located close to Instant Support. Also, remove all the other suspicious or unknown entries that you see as well. If you are uncertain regarding whether you require the extension, what you can do is uncheck the check-box that reads “Enable” to disable the said extension temporarily.

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You are nearly done now! The final step you have to take is restarting your Safari Brower that will now be minus the Instant Support!

Uninstalling Instant Support if you have Microsoft Edge

Do you use the Microsoft Edge browser and want to know how to uninstall Instant Support from this browser? You can follow these steps to do so:

1st Step: From the Microsoft Edge window’s top right corner, tap on the menu button. Then tap on “Extensions.”


2nd Step: The next step you need to take to remove instant support is to Go down the extensions list that appears on your screen and remove those programs that you do not require. Be sure to particularly remove the programs that have a similarity to Instant Support. You will see a “Remove” icon adjacent to Instant Support or any other add-on that you would like to delete from your system permanently. Click on this icon.


3rd Step: A new confirmation window will pop up on your screen. On this screen, click on the “Remove” button.


4th Step: The final step is to restart your Microsoft Edge.

Once you have completed the steps mentioned above, you will have managed to remove Instant Support from your Microsoft Edge Browser successfully.

The Bottom Line

Following tips such as not visiting dubious websites, using dependable antimalware programs, and steering clear from any software tips will usually be enough to ensure you do not install Instant Support in your computer system. However, if you have installed it inadvertently, be sure to follow the abovementioned steps that correspond with your particular browser.

When you compare all of these methods to uninstall Instant Support from your system, the easiest one is probably the first one mentioned in this article (using the Windows Control Panel option). The steps are very easy to follow.

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