Software recommendation: use Chrome address bar cleverly to improve browsing efficiency

When we use Chrome, the address bar allows us to enter the address we want to visit and also to search through it. In fact, there are many other actions that can be performed to improve the efficiency of our operations. Here we’ll take a look at some of the quick and effective operations that can be done with Chrome’s address bar.

One-click translation of foreign languages

When we browse the Internet, we often encounter some foreign words, and we do not know the specific meaning of these words, so we need to check through the translation software. Nowadays, many users do not install a translation software in their computers, so logging into online translation websites through browsers becomes the most common method. Now we will use Chrome’s address bar to complete the translation of foreign words with one click.

We first open Microsoft’s Bing search engine (, click the “Dictionary” option in the web page, enter a word in the search box, and click the search button to translate the operation later. Next, we copy all the codes in the address bar, and then click the “Customize and control Goole Chrome” button in the upper right corner of Chrome, and then click the “Settings” command in the pop-up menu, and then in the settings page Drag the scroll bar on the right side of the page, we can find the option named “Search Engine”.

Click the “Manage Search Engine” option and then click the “Add” button, first we set a corresponding translation name in the pop-up “Add Search Engine” dialog box. Next, type “byfy” in “Keywords”, then paste the code we just copied in the address bar, i.e., and finish the setting. Then click “Add” button (Figure 1).


When we want to do a word search later, first type “byfy” in the address bar and press the space bar, then the Chrome address bar will prompt “Use Bing Dictionary to search”, and then we can enter the word we want to search and press the Enter key (Figure 2).


Tip: Today we demonstrate the use of “Bing Dictionary”, users can also replace the search code according to their needs for Baidu translation, Youdao translation and other query sites.

Set time to remind users

Although Microsoft’s system will introduce a lot of features every time a new version is released, but so far the system’s time function does not have the function of timing. So we want to be reminded to do something regularly, we still need to go through other methods to solve it, now we just need to go through a feature extension, we can do the operation in Chrome’s address bar.

First of all, search and install the extension “Omnibox Timer” in the Chrome app store. Next, type “tm” in the Chrome address bar and press the space bar to activate the extension. Then enter the time in the address bar, press the space bar and enter the reminder text message, and finally press the Enter key to finish setting the timer command. We set “5 eat” here, which means we will be reminded to eat five minutes later (Figure 3), and when the set time arrives, an alert box will pop up in the bottom right corner of the system desktop.


Since the extension “Omnibox Timer” supports the “Text To Speech” function, the reminders we set are also read aloud through voice messages (Figure 4).


Tip: The time units supported by this extension include hours, minutes, seconds, etc., but the minutes can be used without adding the unit information. If the user wants to set the hours or seconds, you need to add h and s units after the time.

One-click Jump to Browse Tabs

The screen of a laptop is much smaller than that of a desktop computer, so once the user opens multiple links in a row in the browser, the information in the browser tab is completely invisible and it becomes difficult to switch between tabs. We can use an extension to automatically jump to the desired tab via Chrome’s address bar.

First of all, download and install the extension “OmniTab”, then when we want to switch to the desired tab quickly, we can type the letter “o” in the address bar of Chrome, press the space bar to activate the extension, and then type in In the address bar, enter the keyword you want to jump to, and then press enter to jump quickly. For example, if we type “o computer enthusiast” and enter, we can jump to the tab containing “computer enthusiast” (Figure 5).


Quick replacement of address information

Nowadays, almost all input methods come with the function of custom phrases, so that users can create some common words to complete its input using some relatively short contents. However, not all input methods have the function of synchronization, which makes it very troublesome to quickly complete the related input in other computers. If you are a frequent user of Chrome, you can use a feature called “Auto Text Expression” to quickly replace them.

First of all, download and install the extension “Auto Text Expander”, and after installation, you can see its icon on the toolbar, then right click on the icon and select the “Options” command in the menu, and in the pop-up function In the pop-up feature configuration window, you can set the alternative information. Firstly, click “Add” button in “Shortcuts”, and enter the alternative content and the replaced content in the following input box, I am going to use “yx I’m going to use “yx” to replace my usual Sina mailbox. Click “Save” button after setting is finished (Figure 6). In the future, when we need to quickly replace specific information in the address bar, we can type “ate” in the address bar of Chrome and press the space bar, then enter the replacement keyword in the address bar and press enter to replace it with the required information.


Tip: After users have created the corresponding alternative messages, they can click the “Import / Export” button in the configuration window and see the contents of the alternative messages in the pop-up dialog box. Copy it down and save it to QQ Mail’s Notepad, then open the configuration window of this feature extension in other computers and paste the replacement information into it to quickly recover the relevant replacement content.

Tip: Through the whole article, we can see that in order to perform quick operations in Chrome’s address bar, you only need to activate the corresponding function by a keyword and pressing the spacebar or Tab key.

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