System hacks: use “folder options” to solve practical problems

Previously, we have introduced some tips on how to use Windows 8 Folder Options and how to retrieve lost Folder Options. In fact, in Windows 10, there are more practical problems that can be solved by using Folder Options.

Get back the lost File Sharing wizard

If you click the “Share” tab in the right-click “Properties” window of a folder, and the “Share” button becomes grayed out and unselectable, click the “View→Options” button in File Explorer. “View→Options” button in File Explorer, then click the “View” tab in the “Folder Options” window and go through the “Advanced Settings Then, click the “View” tab in the “Folder Options” window, and use the “Advanced Settings” list to find the “Use Sharing Wizard (recommended)” option, check it and make sure to restore the “Sharing” function to normal. 2.

2. Disable advertising in File Explorer

When working in Windows 10 File Explorer, you are likely to be disturbed by “Sync Provider Notifications”, which are not very useful but distracting for most users. To avoid such messages, you can remove the option to “Show Sync Provider Notifications” from the “Advanced Settings” list in the “Folder Options” window (Figure 1).


Permanently disable sync provider notifications

In the Registry Editor, navigate to “HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerAdvanced”, right-click in the right pane and select “New → DWORD (32-bit)” and create a new value named ShowSyncProviderNotifications. Finally, change its value to 0 (Figure 2).


3. Show the status of folders in local and remote availability

In Windows 10, you can turn on the cloud icon in the “Status” column of the File Explorer file list in order to get a better overview of the synchronization status of folders with OneDrive cloud. First of all, Windows 10 systems must be logged in with a network account and OneDrive enabled. Second, you also need to make sure that the “Always show availability” option in the “Advanced Settings” list is checked in the folder options window. 4.

4. Fix the problem of images not showing thumbnails

If we find that in the Pictures directory in Windows 10, only the icons of pictures are displayed, but not their thumbnails. In this case, you can launch the “Folder Options” window, find the “Always show icons, never show thumbnails” option in the “View → Advanced Settings” list, and remove the checkbox in front of it. Remove the check box in front of it. 5.

Make it more intuitive to get the detailed paths of files

We can make the file paths appear directly on the title bar of the folder window. Simply check “Show full path in the title bar” in the “Advanced Settings” list of the folder options.

6. The problem of not being able to preview files even when the preview pane is open

When we select “Preview Pane” from the list of settings in the left navigation bar of Windows 10 File Explorer, we can’t see the preview information of TXT text or image in the right preview pane. Just check the “Show preview controls in preview pane” option in the folder options advanced settings list, TXT text and images can be displayed normally (Figure 3).


7. Solve the problem of not displaying file size information in folders

If the file size information cannot be displayed in the folder information list, you can also set “Show folder size information in folder prompt” through the folder options advanced settings list.


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