System tips: use the new version of Windows 10 notepad

The most uninspiring software in Windows 10 is perhaps “Notepad”, which has hardly seen any progress for more than a decade, until the arrival of Windows 10. However, since version 1809, Windows 10 comes with Notepad, but there are a few more very convenient features. It may be easy to overlook these features, but it is a pity not to use them.

1. no open browser keywords instant online search

In the past, when we used Notepad to edit a document, if we encountered a word we were confused about and needed to search online, we had to open a web browser, copy or type the word into the search box, and then perform the search. This process is obviously tedious.


Now, we just need to select the words to search in Notepad, right-click and select “Search with Bing” (or execute the “Edit → Search with Bing” menu command or directly press the Ctrl+E key combination) (Figure 1), then it will automatically open the default browser and open the Bing search engine, automatically search with the above selected keywords, displaying search results containing information about the keywords (Figure 2).


2. Don’t need to remember to get the page “input value” with one click

We know that Notepad can also do some necessary page output settings by entering some specific codes in the header or footer. It used to be a pain to remember these codes. Now, we don’t need to remember these codes, we can just go to the “Page Setup” window via “File→Page Setup” and click the “Input Values” link in real time (Figure 3).


Then, it will automatically enter the input value description page, from which you can quote the necessary input value (Figure 4). For example, you want to print the page number in the footer, you can enter “page &p”, you want the page number text to the left or right then additional input &l or &r, centered on the input &c; want to print the date or time, enter &d or &t; want to print the document name, enter &f, etc.


Tip: Page input values cannot be saved with the file. When you next open the file and need to print it, you will need to reset its page control input values.

3. No need to set the font to quickly scale the page text

Previously, to display a larger font size in Notepad, you had to set it via the “Format→Font” menu command. Now, in the new 1809 version of Windows 10 Notepad, you can easily scale the page text by pressing the combination of Ctrl and plus or Ctrl and minus. To revert to the original display, press the Ctrl plus 0 key combination. This operation can also be done through the “View → Zoom” menu (Figure 5).


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