Office hacks: use the PDF component of WPS

In our traditional impression, to create or handle PDF documents, you need to use such professional software like Adobe Acrobat or other specialized PDF editing tools. In fact, without the use of these specialized tools, we use WPS 2019 (including subsequent versions) of PDF free components, you can complete the creation of PDF documents, editing and various daily processing tasks.

1. Multi-channel new PDF documents

First, download and install WPS 2019 Free Personal Edition. After launching the software, select New Document, select the “PDF” option in the upper document category toolbar, then click the “New Blank Page” button, and then select “New PDF Document “to create a blank PDF document for adding content (Figure 1).


If you want to convert the existing traditional paper information on hand to PDF documents, in addition to taking photos and inserting them into PDF documents, we can also choose “New from Scanner”, after scanning the information into pictures, automatically converted to PDF documents. As the photos taken will be more or less due to the shooting angle, the level of the photographer, the light environment and other conditions, resulting in distortion or distortion of the picture or light effect deviation, therefore, through the scanner to create PDF documents is the most ideal method. For some physical scanning function of the scanner, we can even apple vegetables or other items, after scanning, so that it immediately transformed into PDF documents.

In addition, we can also have a variety of Office documents (including Word, Excel, PPT and other common format files) to create PDF documents. Simply select the “New PDF from File” option in the New Document category selection window, and then select the Office source file type, you can create the corresponding PDF document through these documents.

2. All-round editing PDF documents

In the PDF document page, we can edit Word documents as we do, any use of a variety of objects to enrich the content of their PDF documents, or to edit existing documents. You can also carry out a characteristic personalized signature or page comprehensive processing.

o use the rich object editing changes

In the WPS PDF Editor window, click the “Insert” menu and select “Text” or “Text Box”, you can arrange the text in the layout, text information or input, or paste can be. or paste can be. The difference with Word is that the ordinary text entered or inserted in the editor is a text object with adjustable position and size and can be rotated. The inserted text box can only adjust the position and size, not rotate (Figure 2). In addition to inserting text, we can use the “Insert → Picture” command to insert a picture in the layout.


If you need to add a new page, the editor does not automatically appear a new page after a page is full like Word, but must be inserted by the user through the “Insert Page” command to insert a new page or insert a page from another file (Figure 3). This is similar to PPT.


In the document, we can also use the annotation tool to insert the necessary comments or annotations. Annotations can be added using the text annotation, shape annotation tool, and annotation information can be changed by changing the font color of the information box to achieve a more eye-catching effect (Figure 4).


With the shape annotation tool, we can insert various regular geometric shapes or arbitrarily defined irregular shapes. We can also use the “Draw at will” tool to draw a variety of lines, colors, and transparency patterns on the fly (Figure 5).


o PDF signature can be created by me

We can insert signature information in the PDF document as needed. Press the “PDF Signature” button and select “Picture”, “Input”, “Handwritten” and other different signature way to create a PDF document signature (Figure 6). Handwritten signature is best to use the handwriting pad, the mouse simulation is not a high degree of simulation.


o PDF page comprehensive processing

Page as the largest component of the PDF document “components”, we often need to adjust the layout of the page. Sometimes we need to insert a page in the middle or extract one or more pages from it; there are times when we need to replace the existing pages with a new page; in addition, some pages may be rotated according to the needs of the process. All of this can be done with the corresponding tools under the “Pages” menu (Figure 7).


If we need to merge multiple chapters or volumes of PDF documents into a combined document, click on the “PDF Merge” button, and call into the PDF Merge can be. If you need to split a large existing document into a number of small PDF documents, click “PDF Split” and do the necessary splitting conditions set, you can complete the splitting process.

3. PDF document security protection

Add a watermark to the document for copyright protection, is the common practice in many cases. To this end, you can pass the “Page → Watermark” menu under the appropriate command, to the document with a preset kind of copyright protection watermark, or customize a more personalized watermark pattern or text (Figure 8).


For confidential PDF documents, we can also add password protection according to specific needs. Click “Protect” menu, enter the document “encryption” settings window, select “Set Open Password” or “Set Edit and Page Extract Password “, set the corresponding password.

If you also need to print, copy, comment, page insertion and deletion, fill in the form and comments and other items to encrypt restrictions, you can choose these options (Figure 9).


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