Office hacks: Use the “smooth” switch to make PPT more colorful

PowePoint 2019 and subsequent versions began in the “Switch” menu added a “smooth” function, this function is not only a simple smooth switch, and through simple settings can also make the slide show effect has more magical features, for Your PPT add glory!

Highlight the details in a small way

In order to facilitate the display of some product details in the slide show, we often have to zoom in on a number of details, but of course, just static placement is not good, and with the “smooth” effect can create a dynamic zoom display effect. In the following example, we will show the details of the iPhone 11 left mute button and volume down button in the slideshow.

After starting PowerPoint 2019, insert the prepared images into the two new slides, and then copy a copy of the same size and position of the image on top of it (that is, each slide is stacked on top and bottom of the two identical photos). Select the first photo in slide 1, switch to “Picture Tools → Format → Crop”, the upper part of the phone’s mute button to crop the selection, crop area reduced to a square (Figure 1).


Figure 1 Crop picture

Continue to click “Crop → Crop to Shape → Circle” to crop the selected area into a circle. Adjust the size of the circle and overlay the cropped circle on top of the original image to create an enlarged effect. Select the cropped circle, click “Picture Tools → Format → Correction” to adjust its brightness, contrast, but also adjust the light and smooth edges and other parameters to make the effect more eye-catching and natural (Figure 2).


Figure 2 Stacking and retouching pictures

Operation as above, in the second slide also volume reduction key cropping and retouching, in order to ensure that the retouching effect is consistent in both slides, it is recommended to use the “Format Brush” to copy the settings, while ensuring that the two slides in the cropping part of the alignment direction, size is the same. Well, now select slide 2, click “Switch → Smooth”, in the preview you can see the cropped zoom area is played from top to bottom, so is it better to show the zoom effect (Figure 3)?


Figure 3 View the effect

Of course, if the successive cropping here is a parallel object, then the smoothing effect is left and right sliding, the order of playback is based on the order of the cropping parts smooth transition. You can see the use of “smoothing” in the front and back slides can produce magical effects, we can use similar methods to create more special effects, such as in order to highlight the iPhone 11 three cameras, we can create a three-camera separation from the body of the effect.

As above first insert two identical iPhone 11 photos in a slide, use the crop method to intercept the three camera area as a rounded rectangle, and then cut the intercepted area to slide 2, while adjusting the size, position and add explanatory text. After adding the smoothing effect, the cropped area will be separated from the original body and gradually enlarged to show more convenient to show some details independently, and if you change the slide order, you can achieve the integration of the intercepted area and the body (Figure 4).


Figure 4 Separate display effect

Of course the same method can also be completely unrelated two images placed in two slides, by smoothing to achieve deformation effects, etc., you can try it yourself.

Highlighting the focus of the chaser display

TV we often see the director will use the chase light highlighting specific people or text on, we can also use the smooth effect in the PPT to create a similar chase light effect. In the following text cloud, we now need to create a lighting effect, the light will hit the “Youth → Story → Reading” in turn, and finally fall on the text of “Life” (Figure 5).


Figure 5 effect

We first create five new slides and insert the above photos in turn, the same operation as above, in 1 to 3 slides using the crop method to retain the “youth”, “story”, “reading “words, the fourth is cropped to a circle, while setting their brightness, light and other parameters. Insert a rectangle in the 5th slide filled with gray, and adjust the appropriate transparency as a mask (to reduce the brightness of the image to facilitate comparison with the intercepted image), and finally the 4th crop of the word “life” paste it on, and as the final highlight (Figure 6).


Figure 6 cropped words

the same select the above slide and set to “switch → smooth” in the smooth settings, remove the “change the way” under the “click the mouse” check box (so that the slide in the playback will (so that the slide show will automatically switch the effect), check the “automatic film change time” set to “0” (Figure 7).


Figure 7 smoothing effect settings

After completing the above settings click “Slide Show → Start from the beginning”, so that when the slideshow begins to play the smooth effect will be automatically applied, the screen will appear above the original picture in turn, the above “youth”, “story “, “reading” words, and finally landed on the “life” text, the effect is very similar to the chaser (Figure 8).


Figure 8 Catchlight display

Tip: The above photo smooth transition requires the production of multiple slides, in order to facilitate the centralized display, you can use the recording screen after the completion of the preview for GIF recording software, the effect will be recorded as a GIF image, so that later as long as the PPT insert a picture to show the effect.

Similarly, through the above method we can create a variety of smooth switching material effects, such as to show the product in the PPT multi-angle, then just prepare a number of angles to take photos of the product and import the slides (pay attention to the order of display after import), and then the same as above to set the smooth effect, so that when the slides are played automatically in accordance with the angle of the picture product rotate the order of play. Or you can break down a complex step into multiple photos, use the switching effect to show the assembly steps, etc., more applications to use waiting for you to explore.


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