Office hacks: use the wizard to make electronic photo albums easily

If you want to make a digital photo album of your graduating class’s life throughout the year, it is not easy to do so using PPT. If you use Lectora Inspire 17’s wizard to create a digital photo album, it becomes much easier to create a digital photo album. Let’s use Lectora Inspire 17 to create a class life photo album.

Run Lectora Inspire 17 software, click “Online Templates” in the start screen, then click “Photo Album” in the “Artwork Wizard” on the left side of the screen, and then “Photo Album” will appear on the right side of the screen. Select it and click “Start Wizard” (Figure 1).


Click “Next” in the pop-up “Album Wizard” window, enter the name of the new work and the folder where the new work will be saved in the “Name and Location” window; click “Next” and select the desired photos in the “Select photos for album” window; click “Next” and select the number of photos per page in the “Select photo layout” window (Figure 2).


Click “Next”, in the “Photo Switching” window, select the effect of switching between appearing and hiding photos according to your needs; click “Next”, in the window, select according to your needs Choose whether to use the photo’s file name as the photo’s title when displaying photos or to enter the title for each photo yourself, and click “Finish”. Next, click “Animated Book” on the left side of the window, expand it, select the title bar, each button, the background image of the book, etc. as needed, and use “Style”, “Position and Size”, “Action”, and “Action” to select the title bar. “, “operation” and other tabs to modify; select each page, the page can be thumbnail size, title, etc. to modify the style and content (Figure 3).


Next, expand “Photo”, expand each page as needed, click “Photo”, you can edit the picture style, size, etc., click “Footer”, you can change the English link to Chinese (Figure 4).



When changing the footer from English to Chinese, first point the cursor inside the corresponding English link, enter the corresponding Chinese, and then delete the English before and after the Chinese. If you select the English link and then enter Chinese, it is easy to delete the link, which will result in not being able to switch. Of course, you can also add other content to the corresponding photo page as needed, such as a description of the photo.

Finally, when all the necessary changes are done, click the “Publish” button in the “Home” tab and publish your work in EXE, HTML, etc. as needed.

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