Mobile Crosstalk: Use voice to make calls

When we are in the kitchen to do or do housework, hands full of grease is not suitable for direct operation on the phone screen. If at this time there is a need to call or answer the phone, and how to operate it?

Nowadays, smartphones support voice control caller to call, which can solve our above needs, but there are two specific ideas for implementation. Huawei / Honor phone, for example, in the “Settings → Intelligent Assistance → Voice Control”, just select the “caller voice control” function (Figure 1), when the hands are not convenient to operate when the caller can say “answer the phone ” or “hang up” to answer or reject the call.


If you need to actively make a call, you can turn on the “screen off quick call” function (Figure 2), when the screen is off, press and hold the volume down, wait for the phone to vibrate a bit and then say the contact or phone number you want to call, the system will automatically dial the phone without touching the screen.


In the case of OPPO phones, for example, there is no function like incoming voice control integrated in its system, so it has to be achieved with the help of Breneo voice assistant (similar voice services are available in other brands).


After turning on the voice assistant (Figure 3), when you want to make a call, you just need to wake up the voice service with preset keywords and then say the call you want to make (Figure 4). When a call comes in, you can also answer or reject it directly by voice control, which requires more system resources and power compared to the previous method.


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