System hacks: Use Windows 10 “Focus Assistant”

Windows 10 has a new “Focus Assistant” tool. So, what is this tool, how to use? How to solve some of the problems encountered in the use of the process?

1. Meet the new member of Windows “Focus Assistant”

If you use your phone every day, you should be familiar with its distraction-free mode. In fact, Windows 10’s Focused Assistant is a bit like the phone’s Do Not Disturb mode, which allows us to freely control the notification messages and determine whether to turn them on or not, so that we can strike a reasonable balance between quiet work and effective reminders.

2. On/Off and Auto Control Settings of Focus Assistant

The easiest way to switch on and control Focus Assistant is to right-click on the notification icon in the system tray and select the “Focus Assistant” option, then select “Alarms Only “, “Priority Only”, “Off” and other options (Figure 1). In addition, we can also find the “Focus Assistant” tile in the notification panel and click it to switch the above options.


Tip: If you don’t see the “Focus Assistant” tile, just click “Expand”.

Control the “Focus Assistant” settings

Click the “Start” button, select “Settings→System→Focus Assistant”, or type “Focus Assistant” in the system search bar, and then select Select “Focus Assistant Settings” to open the Focus Assistant settings page, select the items of Focus Assistant in the list, and select the time and activities you don’t want to be disturbed (Figure 2). For example, whether to be alerted when playing games, using projection or using programs under full screen at which time period, etc.


3. Problem solving in the use of Focus Assistant

○Why Focus Assistant is not working

If, while using your computer, you find that notification messages often still pop up automatically and interfere with ongoing work or entertainment projects, simply check and fix the automatic rules in the Focus Assistant settings as mentioned above, or customize the priority list (Figure 3). In this way, the relevant notification messages will no longer pop up automatically and will automatically enter the operation center, to be actively checked by users at any time.


○Focus Assistant causes a black screen when playing games

In some cases, when playing games in Windows 10 and switching screens, there will be a long black screen, which may also be the result of the Focus Assistant. In this case, you need to check the settings of Focus Assistant and turn on the “When I play games” switch under “Automatic rules”.

Focus Assistant is causing the program to flash back quickly

If you encounter a program flashback after opening the Focus Assistant, you can try to solve it by the following methods.

First of all, exclude incompatible programs. Right-click the program you want to run, and then select Run in compatibility mode in the properties window.

In addition, it may also be caused by a damaged Windows 10 system. The following SFC and DISM series commands can be used to scan and repair system files.


DISM /Online /Cleanup-image /RestoreHealth

If the above methods cannot solve the problem, you can try to upgrade your system to the latest version or perform a system reset first.



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