System hacks: Use Windows 10 settings to serve game control

In the past, if we want to take screenshots, record clips and broadcast the game, we often need to use some tools or plug-ins to do it. Nowadays, more and more people use Windows 10, and Windows 10 has prepared customizable settings for gamers, so you can get more convenient control of the game by setting the options related to the game directly.


In Windows 10, click “Start→Settings→Games” to enter the “Games” settings window (Figure 1). We can also launch the setting by typing “Game Settings” in the search box in the taskbar. 1.


1. Use “Game Bar” to control more easily

After entering the Game Settings application, first of all, we can use the Game Bar master control switch to control whether to use the Game Bar to record game clips, screenshots, broadcasts and so on. In addition, you can turn on or off the game bar control on the game controller with the “Use this button on the controller to turn on the game bar” option (Figure 2).


Second, based on the system default game shortcuts, we can define personalized shortcut control keys. If the definition is successful, the new key combination will appear in the blank box, but if the specified shortcut is already occupied, it will not appear in the box and needs to be specified separately (Figure 3).



Under “Related Settings”, click on the link to the graphics settings, which allows you to customize the graphics performance preferences for a specific application (Figure 4). 2.


Recording games Using game screenshots and clips

The Screenshot page provides a detailed selection of game screenshots and clips. The “Background Recording” control switch allows you to control whether the recording function is on or off; you can also set the recording time to a maximum of 4 hours.

Click on the “Screenshot” option, and in the right pane, you can see the default folder path for game screenshots and game clips. You can reassign the location of the capture folder by clicking on the Location tab in the Properties window of the Capture folder (Figure 5).


Game audio recording can be specified separately whether to record game audio, whether to use microphone by default, the quality of recorded audio, microphone or system volume, whether to record only game audio, etc. Game video recording allows you to select the video frame rate (30fps is recommended, as higher video capture may affect the quality of the game), in addition to the video quality, and whether to capture the mouse cursor during recording (Figure 6).


3. Game broadcasting with audio and video

If you need to control the game broadcast, you can choose whether to enable audio recording during broadcast, the quality of recorded audio, whether to turn on the microphone and set the volume, whether to turn on the camera to broadcast video, etc. under the “Broadcast” tab of the system “Game” settings (Figure 7). Figure 7). The broadcast feature can only be enabled during gameplay if the relevant settings are enabled here. 4.


4. View or Fix Xbox Network

Microsoft’s gaming service Xbox Live can save players’ progress online, share or live-stream their game videos, and even meet up to play together, but its network and service status is not very stable. In Windows 10 game “Settings” page, we can click “Xbox Network” tab to know the current Xbox Live connection status, performance, multiplayer server connection and so on. If you find any problems with the Xbox network, you can click the “Fix” button to repair it (Figure 8).


If the Xbox network NAT type shows “Teredo cannot be qualified”, it means that the computer currently in use cannot get a Teredo IP address, so you cannot use group chat or play multiplayer games on Xbox Live. The solution is to type “reg query HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetServicesiphlpsvcTeredo” in the Command Prompt (Administrator) window, and if the output message contains “Then you can run “netsh interface Teredo set state type=default” command to enable it again is generally OK.

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