System hacks: use Windows 10’s two “Quick Access”

Windows 10 Explorer has two “Quick Access” areas. So, what is the difference between these two areas and how can we use them well?

1. Different jurisdictions, not to be confused with each other

The two “Quick Access” areas of Windows 10 are different in what they govern. One of them is responsible for resource management, and the other is responsible for feature management.

When you open Explorer, the first thing you will see is the “Quick Access” directory. The left pane contains four branches: Desktop, Downloads, Documents and Pictures, while the right pane is for “Hot Folders” and “Recently Used Files The right pane contains two groups of content: “Hot Folders” and “Recently Used Files”. This “Quick Access” area is mainly responsible for the quick organization and utilization of file resources, and the system will automatically display the most recently operated files or folders intelligently, and the number of folders is not limited to the above four types, and the number of recently used files is constantly updated (Figure 1).


Another quick access area is the “Quick Access Toolbar” located in the upper left corner of the Explorer window border. This area brings together functional commands for file or device manipulation. Two functional buttons, “Properties” and “New Folder”, are visible by default on this toolbar, and more frequently used commands can be found by clicking on the collapsed menu (Figure 2).


2. Personalization Using the Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar can be customized by adding frequently used user actions to the Quick Access Bar toolbar. To add a function button to the Quick Access Toolbar, simply click the small arrow icon on the right side of the menu bar to reveal the ribbon panel, then right-click on the function item you want to add and select “Add to Quick Access Toolbar” (Figure 3).



3. Use the file “Quick Access” on an individual basis

The File “Quick Access” directory can determine what you see first when you open Explorer. Right-click on “Quick Access” and select “Options” or select “Options” under the “View” menu, and in the Select “This computer” in the “Folder Options” window to focus on “This computer” after opening Explorer, instead of the default “Quick Access”. Quick Access”.

If you want an item to not appear in the “Quick Access” menu, right-click on it and select “Remove from Quick Access”; if you want a folder to appear immediately in the “Quick Access If you want a folder to appear immediately under the “Quick Access” menu, you can fix it with a right-click menu command (Figure 4).


We can also disable the “Quick Access” feature for files as needed. In the “Privacy” group of the Folder Options window, simply uncheck the two checkboxes to which the group belongs.

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