Using a data entry form in Microsoft Excel 2019

To restrict users while entering data into cells on the worksheet, adata form is used. This will control the navigation on the worksheet andensure data is placed into the correct cell. To set up the form, youwill need to add the Form… icon tothe QAT first.

  1. We will continue using the EfficientDataEntry.xlsxworkbook.
  2. Click to select Sheet2 at thebottom of the workbook.
  3. Notice that Sheet2 containsheadings at the top of the worksheet without any data entered—in orderfor the form to work, we will need to have entered column headings priorto adding the Form… icon to theQAT.
  4. Select the drop-down arrow at the end of the QAT.
  5. Click to select More Commands….
  6. From the Popular Commandsdrop-down list, select Commands Not in theRibbon option.
  7. Scroll to locate the Form…icon.
  8. Click on the Add>> icon inthe middle of the dialog box to add it to the QAT. Click on OK.
  9. The Form… icon is now visible onthe QAT, as illustrated in the following screenshot:
ms office 812
  1. Click to select cell A1 on the worksheet to indicate where the formcolumn headings are.
  2. Click on the Form icon at the endof the QAT to populate the form (you will receive an error dialog box tohelp guide you to select the correct column headings before enteringdata; click on OK to close thiserror), and then start typing the first record (row). Click on New to enter the record into the worksheetand start the new record, as illustrated in the followingscreenshot:

ms office 571

  1. Continue until all records have been entered into theworksheet.
  2. Click on the Close icon on theform dialog box to return to the worksheet.

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