Using tabs and groups in Microsoft Word 2019

The tabs are a list of words that you can use to access the programfunctions. They are located just underneath the title bar and spanthe Office 2019 environment from left to right. These are similarto the file divider tabs that you would use in an office. There arequicker ways to complete simple tasks, either by right-clicking yourmouse button or using shortcut keys, but you will always find morecomprehensive options when using the tabs.

Simply click on a tab with your mouse pointer to make it active, thenuse the icons it offers. Familiarize yourself with the contents of eachof the tabs. Knowing exactly where to go to perform a certain action inthe program is of the utmost importance when taking any certificationexam:

ms office 619
Double-clicking on a tab will collapse the groups underneath it.Simply double-click on the tab to return the groups.

You will find that when selecting a tab with a mouse click, variousgroups are defined on the ribbon via light separation lines that defineboxes around groups of icons:

ms office 317

Most of the group sets in Office 2019 present a show dialog boxarrow, where you can access more options relating to a group of relatedicons. For instance, to access the PageSetup dialog box within any of the Microsoft Office applications,click on the arrow, as shown:

ms office 109

In the next section, we will look at how to access ribbon commands ifyour mouse stops working or you prefer using the keyboard.

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