Using the Animation Painter features in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

The Animation Painter feature inPowerPoint 2019 is much like the FormatPainter icon from within the Office programs. It allows you tocopy animations from one object and apply them to another object.Single-clicking on the AnimationPainter icon enables you to copy the animation from one object toanother object. Double-clicking on the Animation Painter icon enables you to copythe animation from one object to multiple objects.

  1. We will use the SSG-Planner.pptx presentation todemonstrate this example.
  2. Select an object on the slide and apply an animation to it. For thisexample, select the textbox on slide 1 and apply the followingattributes:

Select the Float In animationeffect. Set the animation to Dim toanother blue color after the animation, and then choose the By word option from the Animate text: drop-down list, applying a20% delay between words. This processcan be seen in the following screenshot:

ms office 788
  1. Make sure the textbox is selected on slide 1, and then single-clickon the Animation Painter icon locatedon the Animations tab (in the Advanced Animation group) to copy once toanother object, or double-click to copy multiple objects.
  1. The painter icon will appear as the mouse pointer.
  2. Click on another object to paste the animation to it—we will copythe animation to all the textboxes throughout the presentationslides.
  3. The object that now contains the animation will indicate this bydisplaying the animation number positioned in the top-left corner of theobject, and the Animation Pane willupdate to reflect the new object animation.
  4. Press the Animation Painter iconto stop pasting the animation, or press the Esc key on thekeyboard.

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