Using the form wizard in Microsoft Access 2019

Using the form wizard is the most common method of creating a newform as it takes you through the steps one by one. There are many waysof achieving the same output, such as by using the options under theForms tab. The quickest method is touse the Form option—just one click andyou have created a simple form that allows you to input information onerecord at a time:

ms office 135

To create a form using the form wizard, follow these steps in theSSGSchoolDB.accdb database:

  1. Go to Create | Form Wizard. The Form Wizard page will lead you through theprocess of creating a form.
  2. Follow the steps by clicking Next> each time you have completed a step. Select a table from thedrop-down list to base your form on. Note that you can select from alist of existing tables or queries. Select the fields to add to the formby either double-clicking on each field or using the double-arrow iconto add all the fields to the form:
  1. To remove fields that you may have added by mistake, simplyselect the field in the SelectedFields box to the right, and then click on the left-facingarrow (<) to move the field back to the Available Fields box:
ms office 447
  1. Click Next > to continue, and then select thedesired layout for the form (in our case, Justified):
ms office 275
  1. Click Next > to continue. 
  2. For the last step, enter a title to be the actual name of the formthat will be listed on the Navigation Pane under Forms, as well as on the form’sheader. Click Finish to view thecompleted form.

After you have created the form, it is possible to rename it in theNavigation Pane. Remember that if you rename a form that has macros andother reports connected to it, this renaming could cause serious errorsto the macros and reports, which could end up not working.

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