Using the Format Painter in Microsoft Excel 2019

The Format Painter icon allowsformats to be copied (not the cell contents, but the formatting appliedto the cell contents) from one cell to another:

  1. Format a cell in the worksheet using font, size, andattributes.
  2. Select the formatted cells you wish to copy.
  3. Click on the Format Painter iconon the Clipboard group of the Home tab once to copy the format to oneother cell.
    To copy the format more than once, double-click on the Format Painter icon, as illustrated inthe following screenshot:
ms office 543
  1. You will notice a white plus (+)sign as the mouse pointer with a little paintbrush to the right ofit—this means that the Format Paintericon is active and is waiting for you to select cells to apply theformats.
  2. Select the cells to apply the format to by clicking on them, or usethe drag method for more than one cell. The formats copy over to the newcells.

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