Using the formula composer (Insert Functionicon) in Microsoft Excel 2019

The fx icon is located as the firsticon on the Formulas tab, and well asat the bottom of all the function books in the Function Library, and along the Formula Bar. You can use the fx option to search for a function andfollow steps in order to complete the formula. Another name for thisoption is the Insert Function icon. Wewill use the same function example we used in the preceding section.

The Insert Function icon can beseen in the following screenshot:

ms office 863

  1. Click on the cell in which you would like the formula answer toreside. Click on the Insert Functionicon, using one of the methods listed. The Insert Function dialog box will populate onyour screen. Select a function to use or type a function to search forat the top in the Search for afunction: text area. Click on Go to search for a function, asillustrated in the following screenshot:

ms office 370

  1. Excel will open the FunctionArguments dialog box, and automatically identify cells from thework area to use in the formula. Remove any cell references from theFunction Arguments dialog box, andselect cells on the worksheet to use.
  2. Click on OK to accept thesuggested formula.

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