Using the help facility in Microsoft Word 2019

Office 2019’s help function can be accessed by pressingthe F1 keyboard key, which opens the Help pane to the right of the worksheet. Youare able to select a topic of interest from the list provided, whichoffers further sub-topics until you find what you are lookingfor. Alternatively, you can search for a topic using the Tell me what you want to do featurelocated along the top of the ribbon at the end of thelist of tabs:

  1. Simply click to the right of the light bulb icon, located to theleft of the empty placeholder (see the following screenshot).
  1. Start typing a question and the feature will offer suggestions asyou type:
ms office 498
  1. Click to select a topic from the drop-down list to obtain the helptopic you require.

Now that we have learned how to navigate the user interface, let’slearn how to create documents in the next section.

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