Using the Morph transition in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

The Morph transition can be appliedto WordArt, SmartArt, text, graphics, and shapes, but not charts. Afteryou have applied the Morph transition,you can set various effects for objects, characters, or words. The Morph transition transforms an object acrossslides.

  1. We will use the MorphTransition.pptx presentation todemonstrate the Morph transition. Notethat this is a simple example of the Morph transition, as you can get quitecreative with this feature!
  2. Click on the first slide in the presentation.
  3. Go to InsertIcon and search for a ring icon.
  4. Insert the ring icon onto slide 1, and then position and resize theicon to suit your presentation.
  5. Format the ring color to any color of your choice.
  6. Select the slide 1 thumbnail and apply the Morph transition (don’t forget that you canchoose between Object, Character, or Words Morph effects after applying thetransition), as illustrated in the followingscreenshot:
ms office 197
  1. Copy the icon from slide 1 onto slide 2, and then resize and formatthe icon as per your requirements, as illustrated in the followingscreenshot:
ms office 191
  1. Click on the slide 2 thumbnail and apply the Morph transition.
  2. Preview the slide show to see the changes, and then savethe presentation.

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