Using the Position options on a form in Microsoft Access 2019

The Position group is located underthe Arrange tab of the Form Layout Tools contextual menu in Access2019. It houses the options that relate to the anchoring of form cells,the spacing between labels and data, and the placement of data in theform cells. Let’s take a closer look at each of these options:

  1. Using the form from the previous example, make sure you are in Layout view.
  2. Locate the Control Margins option,located at Arrange | Position.
  3. Select the table cells by clicking on the table select icon, locatedat the top-left corner of the selected table.
  4. Select Medium from the drop-downlist provided. The margins around the top and left of the labels anddata cells will adjust accordingly:
ms office 219
  1. Experiment with the other ControlMargin options.
  2. Next, we will investigate the ControlPadding option. Control Paddingaffects the amount of space between table cells in Access. Make sure thetable is selected, then go to Arrange| Control Padding. Apply the Wide setting to the table. 
  1. Lastly, let’s see what the Anchoring option does to the selected list.Click on the Anchoring icon to accessthe drop-down list of options. Choose StretchDown and Across and note that the table is now positioned to theright of the window. This is particularly useful when you need to add animage or another control to the left. It anchors the table to a certainsection or control on the form and will move when the control or sectionis re-positioned:
ms office 483
  1. Experiment with the other Anchoring options.

You have now learned how to format and work with the Arrange options when using forms in Access2019. In the next section, we will look at the report design options andinvestigate the controls and output options.

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