Using the selection and visibility pane in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

This feature is absolutely brilliant when working with numerousobjects that are overlapping. Sometimes, you won’t be able to see allthe elements on a slide and often, elements are hidden from view. I usethis extensively when working with Microsoft PowerPoint animations as itallows me to move elements up and down in order, to rename elements sothat the order and element make more sense when working with thediagram, and to hide or unhide elements from view. Follow thesesteps:

  1. We will use the presentation called SafestSolution-Selection.pptx.
  2. Select an object and click on the DrawingTools Format tab on the ribbon to access the Selection Pane option. Alternatively,without selecting an object first, visit the Arrange option of the Drawing group and locate the Selection Pane… option at the bottom ofthe drop-down list.
  1. Note that the Selection pane isnow visible on the right of the PowerPoint environment:
ms office 18
  1. Each object is an item in the pane. To use the pane, click on anobject listed in the pane the object will be selected onthe slide.
To rename an object listed on the pane, simply click twice on the nameof the object and type the new name into the text box provided byreplacing the current name. To hide an object, use the eye icon on theright-hand side of the pane.
  1. Click again to make the object visible. This feature is great forobjects that overlap so that you don’t have to move your whole documentaround to access the shape and make a change!
  2. The Selection pane can also beused to select objects.
  3. Use the Selection pane to renamethe dogs in order from DOG1 to DOG5.
  4. Hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard while selectingDOG1 through DOG5:

ms office 751

To close the Selection pane, click onthe Selection Pane icon from theribbon or the close icon on the right of the pane.

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