Office hacks: using Word to quickly achieve tri-fold leaflets

The folding leaflet has many applications in daily life, such as product promotional materials, takeaway leaflets, restaurant menus and so on. In fact, we do not need professional typesetting software, only the use of Word can easily complete the production. Let us try the production of tri-fold flyers in Word.

First of all, we have to determine the size of the tri-fold, usually tri-fold usually for horizontal A4 paper (size 297 mm × 210 mm). In Word (this article to the 2016 version as an example) to create a new document, click the menu bar “Layout ¡ú Paper Size ¡ú A4 paper”, continue to select “Paper Direction ¡ú Horizontal”, the new document will be set to the paper of the horizontal A4 style (Figure 1).


Figure 1 set the paper style

Then plan the size of the trifold, because the trifold is to print and fold up, here you need to set aside a certain margin around the “bleed bit” as a cutting space (bleed bit is used as a layout cutting space reserved), while the front of the trifold than the width of the reverse part to be slightly wider, so that there is folding space. In order to facilitate the calculation, here we will A (front) designed for 96 mm × 200 mm, B (reverse) designed for 95 mm × 200 mm, C (middle page, folded to the left on the B side) designed for 94 mm × 200 mm, AB, BC middle (dotted line parts) each reserved 1 mm of folding space, the upper and lower, left and right each reserved for 5 mm of bleeding bit (Figure 2).


Figure 2 Design of each part of the tri-fold page

Determine the above design dimensions, here the space for the bleed position using Word’s “Margins” settings. Switch to “Layout ¡ú Margins ¡ú Custom Margin Settings”, in the open page settings window, the top and bottom margins are set to 5 mm, “Apply to” set to “the entire document “(Figure 3).


Figure 3 page margins settings

Tri-fold” tri-fold” design is to use Word’s sidebar to achieve. However, the default width of the Word column is to “characters” as a unit, now to change the above design to “centimeters” as a unit. Click the menu bar “File ¡ú Options”, in the open Word options window, in the left pane switch to the “Advanced” option, in the right panel switch to “Display”, in “unit of measure” option, select “centimeter”, remove the “character width as a unit of measure” before the check box, click “OK “exit” (Figure 4).


Figure 4 to set the width of the column unit

return to the Word main window, switch to “Layout ¡ú Columns ¡ú more columns”, in the open “Columns” settings window to remove the “equal column width” before the check box, check “Separator”, and then according to the above design values, in turn, the width of the first column, two columns, three columns were set to 96 mm, 95 mm, 94 mm, the spacing is set to 1 mm (Figure 5).


Figure 5 set the sidebar

return to the Word main window, enter any characters as prompted to fill the whole page, so you can see the three columns of the page form and dividers. In order to facilitate the subsequent design, click “Insert → Shape → Line”, in accordance with the location of the page divider, insert two red lines in turn, right-click the inserted line and select “Set Shape and Format”, in the right pane will be its “short line” type set to “dot dot dot dot dot”, so that you can clearly see the separator line (Figure 6).


Figure 6 three-column page display

After completing the above design, you can now start filling the layout according to the actual content of the tri-fold page. For example, in this case, we are designing a coloring page for a pastry store, and since we all work and live at a fast pace nowadays, we should use as many pictures as possible in the content of the folders. Generally speaking, pictures should account for about 60% to 70% of the overall content, so that when consumers browse the folded brochure, they will notice the pictures on the folded page more, and too much text information will make users bored. And the text part should have a distinctive main title to help users quickly access important information.

Here we use a store sign pastry as a promotional selling point, click “Insert→Picture”, insert the prepared promotional picture, and right-click the inserted picture to select “Place on top→Float above text”, then according to the location of the divider Then, according to the location of the divider, its size will be adjusted to the location of the divider 2 (Figure 7).


Figure 7 picture settings

Continue according to the content of the promotional document, according to the prompts in the appropriate location on the page to enter the appropriate promotional text content. In order to facilitate reading, here the text layout is recommended to choose the center alignment, if it is a promotional message, it is recommended to insert a color block, and then insert art words on it to write, so that you can complete the design of a tri-fold page inside the content (Figure 8).


Figure 8 finished tri-fold effect

Because most of the tri-fold page is double-sided printing, so we can create a new page of content, the same operation as above to continue to enter the design images and text content. Finally, use the printer’s double-sided printing function to print out a preview, if there is no problem can be printed in bulk. No printer users can directly use the system’s built-in virtual printer, the text output as a PDF file for preview (Figure 9). Of course, if you often need to design a tri-fold, then you can save the current document as a template, later open it can be directly designed to use.


Figure 9 PDF preview

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