Fix Error: Video Driver Crashed and Was Reset

If you are an avid gamer, you might be pretty acquainted with ceratin system errors and how to fix them. That being said, a repetitive and annoying issue can be the error prompt “Video driver crashed and was reset.” Have you recently encountered this problem while playing a certain battle royale game on your PC?


This is issue is not uncommon and has been reported by several Fortnite and ARK: Survival Evolved players. A subsequent prompt of “Make sure your video drivers are up to date,” has also been reported by several gamers. In this article, we have listed down some simple solutions that can help you fix the error quickly and easily.

Read on to find out about what might be the probable causes and find the easiest solutions to fix the error, and make the most of your gaming experience.

Causes For The Error “Video Driver Crashed and Was Reset”

If you are encountering the error of “Video Driver Crashed and Was Reset” for some time now while playing a game, then you must know that there is a root cause that is leading to the error. When you are seeing this error on your system, here are the most probable causes or system issues that might be leading to the prompt.

Outdated Display Drivers

This error is a common phenomenon when your graphics or display drivers are out of date. Using outdated display drivers often leads to such errors while playing games.

Incorrect Launch Options

If the game you are playing is putting heavy pressure on your system, you can also come across the error of “Video Driver Crashed and Was Reset.” An incorrect launch option might cause an error while launching the game and lead to the display of the error.

Low GPU Processing Time

The error might also be prompted on your system due to low GPU processing time while running the game you are playing, especially if it is a high-end game with high graphics requirements.

Now let us take a look at the solutions to resolve this issue.

Solution 1: Update/Reinstall Your Graphics Driver

The very first solution to the error is updating or reinstalling your display drivers. This step can effectively resolve the issue. Here is how you do it.

Step 1 — Open the Device Manager by right-clicking on the Windows Key and selecting Device Manager.

Step 2 — From the “Display Adapters” drop-down menu select “Intel HD Graphics driver”.

Step 3 — Choose “Update Driver”. Apply the same steps for all other graphics drivers including the NVIDIA GeForce driver.

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If you want to re-install the drivers, then after step 2, select the Uninstall option and follow the uninstall wizard.

Step 1 — Reboot the system after uninstalling.

Step 2 — After reboot, open the “Device Manager” again.

Step 3 — Select the “Actions” button and click on the “Scan for hardware changes” option.

The system will automatically detect and install the graphics driver. If it does not, then go to the driver manufacturer’s website and install it manually.

If this does not solve the error, head on to the next solution.

Solution 2: Changing The Launch Options For Your Game/Application (Steam)

Changing the launch option can also be another fix for the error. An incorrect lunch option might put a heavy burden on your system which might be causing the error. You can easily change the launch options for your game using Steam.

Step 1 — Open Steam and head to the “Library”.

Step 2 — From the library, right-click on the game you are playing, and from the drop-down menu, select Properties.

Step 3 — From there click on “Set Launch Options”


Step 4 — Type in “-USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4 -d3d10 -nomansky -lowmemory -novsync” and click OK.

Step 5 — Re-launch your game.

If you still see the problem, try the next step.

Solution 3: Increase Your GPU Processing Time

Step 1 — Start the Run function with Windows + R key.

Step 2 — Type in “regedit” and press Enter.

Step 3 — Find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers directory.

Step 4 — Then find the “TdrDelay DWORD”. If you cannot find it, right-click on an empty space and select “New -> DWORD”.

Step 5 — Name it as “TdrDelay”.

Step 6 — Change the value of TdrDelay DWORD from 2 to 8 by double-clicking on it. Reboot your PC.

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No Solution Worked? — Try These Bonus Tips!

If none of the above solutions worked, here are some additional tips and tricks to make sure that you are doing everything right and on the right track.

· Reboot your PC after each of the steps and check if the error is displayed.

· Make sure that the error shown while playing the game is not some inconsequential/regular error that comes while playing PC games.

· Make sure that you have installed the right drivers.

Are you getting The Error ‘Video driver crashed and was reset’ on FORTNITE?– Here’s A Quick Fix!

If you are seeing the error “Video driver crashed and was reset” while playing Fornite, here are a few simple steps that can help solve the issue.

● Open the Run window and type in “%localappdata%”.

● Select “FortniteGame” in the list and double click on it.

● Double click “Saved” > “Config” > “Windows Client”

● Right-click “GameUserSettings.ini” and select “Properties”

● Untick the “Read-only” checkbox and click “Apply”.

● Double click on “GameUserSettings.ini”

● Find the line of text “[D3DRHIPreference]” and below it change “=True” to “=False”

● Click “File” and then “Save”.

● Right-click on “GameUserSettings.ini” and select “Properties”

● Tick on the “Read-only” checkbox and click “Apply”.

This will resolve the error and make sure you can enjoy the perfect gaming experience.

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