Viewing section breaks in Microsoft Word 2019

Follow these steps to learn how to view section breaks:

  1. Let’s open a document to work on. In this example, we will work onSectionBreaks.docx.
  2. On page 2 of this document, you will notice that columnshave been inserted in a particular paragraph.
  3. At the start of the paragraph and the end of the paragraph aresection breaks.
  4. These breaks are not evident in the document, but because thissection of the document contains columns, we know that they arethere.
  5. If a document contains section breaks, they can be viewed in threeways: by changing the document view from Print Layout to Outline view, by changing the document viewfrom Print Layout to Draft view, and by using the Show/Hideicon on the Home tab:
ms office 127
  1. Click on the Print Layout icon toreturn to the normal working view.

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