Want to explore the hidden skills of WeChat? Have you tried the “long press” function?

Now both iOS and Android WeChat have been updated to version 8.x. The details such as exploding emoticons, mood states, and revamped floating windows are mixed. However, while experiencing the new version of WeChat, I hope you can pay attention to more WeChat hidden tricks triggered by long press.

Mute video playback

When we are in a quiet meeting room or study room and a friend sends us a WeChat video, the usual viewing process is to press and hold the volume key to mute the video, and then restore the volume level after watching the video. In fact, we just need to long press the video content in the chat interface, you can see the “Mute Play” button in the pop-up dialog box, click it to enjoy the video without disturbing others, and don’t worry about forgetting to turn up the volume and miss other notifications after watching the video.


Voice Quiet Handling

Continuing from the above, what if a friend sends you a voice, but we are in an environment that is not suitable for listening, and there is no headset? We have two options here, one is to select “play on earpiece” and let the sound come out from the earpiece on top of the phone.


The second is to choose “Text to Speech”, WeChat can automatically convert this speech into text, and after reading it, you can also long press to “hide” it again.


Automatic foreign language translation

If you have a foreign friend or a friend sends you a large paragraph in English (or another foreign language), we just need to long press the conversation and select the “Translate” button, and WeChat will automatically convert it to Chinese, no need to copy the text to other apps for translation.


Similarly, if you receive a picture full of English, you can also translate the English into Chinese by long pressing the picture and selecting the “Translate” button.


Next to the translation button, there is “Extract Text”, which can be clicked to extract all the text from the picture, and you can select all or just any of the content to be stitched together, eliminating the need for us to type manually.


Add event reminders

In work or study groups, leaders or teachers occasionally post new tasks, but these are easily overwhelmed by other chats and forgotten without noticing. When we see an important message, we can long press it and select “Remind” to add it to the reminder list of WeChat, and then we will receive a reminder from the “Service Notification” public number at the specified time.


If you have forgotten the cause of a reminder event, you can click on the content to view the details.


Accurate Answers to Messages

If you want to get accurate answers to every question, you can long press on a conversation and select “Quote”, then the original question will be automatically attached below the reply.


Quickly Change Status

In the chat list of WeChat, long press on any chat will bring up the chat marked as read (unread), topped, not shown, or deleted.


In this case, selecting Mark as Read will instantly eliminate the unread red dot, and conversely we can also mark a read chat as unread to make it reappear with a red dot for reminder purposes. You will be familiar with this chat, but not showing the chat will hide it and make the chat interface fresher, but you can search for the hidden chat in the search.

Open the system camera

By clicking the “+” button on the chat screen of WeChat, we can select “Take” to start the camera and take a picture of what we want to share. However, WeChat’s camera program does not have access to the manufacturer’s optimization algorithm, and the image quality is very mediocre. In fact, after clicking “+” in the chat interface, we can launch the system camera directly by long-pressing “Album” in the dialog box to take a photo (thus taking advantage of 100% of the camera and imaging algorithm hardware and software.


Shutting down service public numbers

Without realizing it, we follow more and more service numbers and public numbers, and often receive harassing messages from them. When you want to turn off a service or public number, you don’t need to click on the home page, just long press on any article or message of this number, and you will see the button to turn off on the pop-up window, isn’t it very convenient?


Quickly target shopping

In the circle of friends, we always see all kinds of “buying” news, and there are many products of interest. If you don’t know the friend well or don’t want to consult, how do you know the price and purchase information of the product in the picture? Yes, just long press the picture and select “Search”, you can quickly find the same price and purchase links.



Quickly set friend permissions

Some people always send advertisements in their friend circle, but we can’t avoid interacting with them in our life or business, so when it’s not convenient to delete them directly, just long press the friend’s avatar and the “Set Permissions” button will pop up. You can also select “Don’t see him” to keep your eyes off him.



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