Want to play overclocking these knowledge must first understand

Recently the topic of processor overclocking has been hot again, some new partners said, what is the use of overclocking this thing? It’s fun, isn’t it? I would like to play with it myself. I said, welcome to these partners into the pit, oh, no, is to start. So, to say to the overclocking to begin with, these knowledge first have to understand the next.


First of all, we want to understand what is the use of overclocking, simply put is to make the processor and computer performance stronger. You can refer to the previous push “with RWD and Boost why do we need to overclock it” and “mouse point on the overclock Intel overclocking software fragrance? The overclocking software is a good idea. After overclocking many aspects of the performance is 30% higher, how, mouth watering not?


Wipe your mouth, we still have to talk about what is needed to overclock, first of all, the processor and motherboard. Intel must be the processor with a K suffix, such as i3-8350K, i5-9600K or something, and to match the Z-head chipset motherboard, such as Z370, Z390 motherboard. As for AMD, now the Dragon processor are supported overclocking, the motherboard is only the entry-level A320 can not be overclocked, the other such as B350, X570 what is no problem.


Other aspects, but also to prepare a more powerful processor cooler, for the AMD platform, it is the most important cost of overclocking configuration, the price is only 100 yuan to 200 yuan higher than the non-overclocking configuration. Even if the original preparation on the A320 motherboard, in order to overclock to a configuration close to the B450 motherboard, the price is generally only 100 yuan to 200 yuan difference, the calculation of the overclocking configuration will increase by 100 yuan to 400 yuan, worth considering.


Intel platform is more trouble, first of all, the K suffix processor and Z-head motherboard are more expensive, and processor frequency changes will affect the operating frequency of other accessories, so the memory to choose a higher frequency than the standard, we will take the high-end processor i7-9700/9700K as an example, to see how much money difference it.


This looks like the cost of overclocking the Intel platform is much higher, what do you mean? Some of the accessories inside are what you were going to use? Then a little looser, change one or two accessories into overclockable platform, a few hundred dollars for 30% performance improvement, of course, it is more worth.


As for the partners to see the ultra-high-end motherboard, water-cooled cooler, and even with liquid nitrogen forced cooling what overclocking demonstration, are the masters of playing tricks, practical significance is not much, we are not here to pursue. And the fun here, but also small partners first into the pit, oh and said the wrong, is to get started after the real experience Oh.


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