Software recommendation: Web pages can also be immersive reading

In order to better help users to read, many browsers have added a reading mode function. However, because the structure of different pages is different, the effect of reading mode is not as good as it should be. How can the reading mode be better rendered to allow users to immerse themselves in the web page to read? Here are a few ways to teach you.

Install JaneYue’s function extension

As the common reading mode function is to process all the pages in the same form, so the effect will be different. However, the function extension of “Simplex” is planned and set according to different web page formats, so that it can present the corresponding effect according to different web pages. First of all, you can open the official website ( of “Simplex” through your browser, and then install the corresponding extension according to your browser name. For example, I have installed the corresponding extension for Google Chrome through Google Chrome’s app store (Figure 1).


Tip: If you do not have a corresponding extension for your browser, you can install the “Tampermonkey” extension and then install the “Janet” script to achieve a similar effect.

Choose different reading methods

In the future, when we open a web page and want to enter the reading mode, we just need to click the “Tampermonkey” extension icon in the toolbar, and it will immediately match the corresponding reading status according to the form of the page. Not only the text content is re-arranged, but also the font looks bigger and the spacing between the text has been increased. Since every user’s reading habits are different, the “JaneYue” extension allows you to customize the settings according to your needs in order to facilitate better reading operations. Now click the three-dot button at the bottom right corner of the page, and in the pop-up dialog box, you can set the color, font type, font size, font spacing and other information of the web page respectively, through these adjustments to achieve the user’s reading habits (Figure 2).


Tip: You can also set the parameters of different modes through the expanded options window of “JaneYue”.

In addition to the usual reading mode, the “Simplex” extension also includes an option called “Focus Mode”. The main difference between this mode and the reading mode is that this mode does not adjust the layout of the current page. Instead, it extracts the headline and body information from the page and masks the rest of the content so that the user can read the highlighted body content (Figure 3). To read in this way, users need to right-click on the extension icon and select the “Focus Mode” command in the menu.


Tip: The shortcut keys “A A” and “A S” can also be used to quickly access the reading and focus modes.

Exporting the required web page information

Among all the information we read, there must be some parts that are very useful to us, so we need to save them. Usually there are many ways to save information, such as saving web pages to your hard drive or dumping them to some note service, but now you can do it very easily with this extension.


First, click the three-dot button in the bottom right corner of the reading mode, and select the “Actions” tab in the pop-up dialog box. For example, if we want to save a web page, click the “Export to HTML” button under the “Export” item, and then save it to the local hard disk (Figure 4). This saves the page in its read state, not in its original state. In a similar way, we can also save the page to the Impressions service or forward it to social networks such as Sina Weibo.

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