WeChat “card” who is the only one to say? WeChat self-test program to tell you

Near the long holidays, the new version of WeChat is also online, of course, this time the changes are again a whole lot, one of the hidden test function is really worth trying, especially if you think your WeChat is a little card, or always by the phone prompt “WeChat occupies XXG space, please clean up” partners, this time you can officially test their WeChat card or not.


The test function is simple to use, click on the magnifying glass at the top of the default WeChat interface to enter the search function and search for “WeChat Repair Tool”. Click on the top item to enter the tool’s interface.


At the bottom of the WeChat repair tool is the “performance testing tool”, after entering it, you will find that it is an unfinished applet, the real name is Matrix, which is an open source project developed by the WeChat team, mainly for performance monitoring. The two functions currently open are lag detection and FPS floating window.



After opening the FPS floating window function, the current frame speed and frame speed determination criteria will appear in most of the interface of WeChat, where the top is the current FPS, the green line is 50FPS ~ 60FPS, which is smooth; 30FPS ~ 50FPS is the yellow line, which means average. You can open a group chat interface or a big video or something that you feel lagging to see how the frame speed is, it will also automatically record the recent frame speed and use different line colors to indicate it.



The default FPS floating window position will block many operations, you can hold it and drag it to other positions, and release it to automatically display to the side, not occupying the center of the screen. If you don’t need it anymore, click on the floating window to return to the Matrix interface, which can be easily closed off.


As for the lag detection, although the theory is to work with the lag threshold settings below to see if the operation of browsing is a lag problem, but I even pull to the highest speed of 17ms, there is no report of lag problems detected, I do not know if my phone is too powerful or what is going on, still using the old phone partners may wish to try.


If the FPS test is all yellow lines, or really lagging problems reported partners, do not be lazy, WeChat files should be cleaned up and cleaned up, still can not, take advantage of the holidays to see if there is a discount, or do a “double 11” “chopping” ready, it really should be a new phone.


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