What size chassis to choose for saving these differences to understand first

When I recommend saving a machine, many face-control partners will put the chassis in the first few needs, which size is a clear requirement, such as “high with a large chassis”, “I want a good-looking / floor-saving small chassis” a seemingly very reasonable, but in fact quite difficult to deal with. In fact, quite difficult to deal with the requirements. With a case well, the right size is good, why would be so difficult to choose? I’ll talk about it in a few days.


First of all, the board with the card, many partners understand the mini chassis to match the small motherboard, but the so-called small motherboard and iTX and mATX two kinds of do not understand it. In fact, those larger than the palm of the mini case can only fit into the iTX motherboard, this motherboard usually only two memory slots, a graphics card slot, some even M.2 interface are in the back. In addition it can only install small size graphics cards.


itx motherboard is so small, can not fit anything

As for the mATX motherboard ability is much stronger, basically is to remove a few PCI-E × 1, × 4 slot ATX motherboard, generally can ensure that there are four memory slots and two graphics card slots. But the smallest of these motherboards have to use the so-called half-height chassis, probably equivalent to two mini chassis stacked together so large, the installation of 22 to 28cm length of the general graphics card no problem.


As for the most common mid-tower cases, the so-called full-size ATX motherboards, full-length graphics cards, and even dual graphics cards in parallel, water-cooled and other configurations are no problem. But to use extra-long professional graphics cards or three or four graphics cards in parallel, it is necessary to find another size of the case – full tower.


Mid-tower chassis using common high-end accessories are fine

Then I choose the right motherboard graphics card, is it possible to choose the case according to their own ideas? Wait, there are some peripheral accessories restrictions. For example, mini generally only small size radiator, of course, not suitable with high-end processors, and usually can only be installed 3.5-inch, 2.5-inch hard drive each one, some power supply size and restrictions, can only use small SFX power supply.


The long SFX power supply

As for mid-tower cases, the usual common coolers are no problem, and can hold more than three 3.5-inch hard drives, and more 2.5-inch hard drives. As for the full tower chassis, oversized extreme overclocking radiator, nearly 10 hard drives, and even dual power supplies are not a problem, but there is a small problem, if the power supply location is not next to the motherboard, then the general power supply line length is certainly not back alignment.


Full tower chassis

From these three chassis options can also be seen, they are different in addition to the requirements of the current accessories, the ability to upgrade the future also has different restrictions, such as mini chassis all accessories can only change the small size, memory, hard disk is the lack of reserved slots / space. Mid-tower chassis, although the basic all-purpose, but to go up to professional-level, enthusiast-level configuration is also difficult enough, which is the full tower chassis thing.


Multiple graphics cards in parallel, the average mid-tower chassis is difficult to accommodate

So, the actual saving machine should be how to choose a case? Want not to toss, quiet with a few years of office, home saving machine can choose mini chassis system, small boards, accessories are now not too expensive, is a good choice to save space, beautify the desktop. To play 3A games, you need to do some design, upgrade plans, or select the tower, memory, graphics cards, hard drives can be installed larger and more, heat dissipation or.


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