What the hell are these image files a trick to get actually very simple

When you see beautiful pictures and funny expressions on the Internet, what is the first reaction of your friends? The first reaction is of course “right click – save picture as”, but when you look back at these pictures you are likely to be a bit confused, the suffix Jfif? webp? png? Not only can not be opened with the software, some also a little bit to open the browser? We must not be angry to delete the picture, I will say how to deal with them, in fact, as long as a trick to get it done.



jfif is the simplest, if you pay attention when saving the picture you will find that it is actually jpg standard, just the suffix name is more personalized, you want the software to recognize it, just change the suffix name to jpg on it.


The webp file is a newer format designed for the web, so a click will automatically open your browser to display it. In fact, Windows 10’s Paint app can open it correctly, and then select “Save As” to turn it into the familiar image format. But the size of this picture is really small, if you want to use it on the web, you may want to keep it in its original format, which can greatly speed up the speed of the web page open.


png format is an old format, only popular in the past few years, but some web pages will default jpg images to png suffix, in fact, with the right click to force the specified viewing software can open, but to retouch it must be changed back to the correct jpg suffix. Some png capacity is relatively large because of the storage of layers and other retouching information, can be saved as jpg format to slim down, if you retain the png format will be more convenient for future retouching.


Recent special pictures are mainly these kinds, but some of the old problems still exist when saving pictures on the Web, such as the loss of suffix names, other formats saved as JPG, etc. Generally speaking, as long as you add .jpg or bmp suffix, open the wrong jpg file into a bmp or png suffix to solve the problem.


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