Why choose the board U set is not as simple as the wholesale price

If you’re a frequent reader, you’ll probably find that I have a habit of always using the board U kit to save the machine, in fact, many experienced DIYers will use various kits to upgrade and install the machine, of which the board U kit is also the most common money. Some partners will say, of course, the wholesale price well. But we know not, in fact, recommend the board U set of reasons and not only this Oh.


An important benefit of the sets is actually that they are stable and work well, and these sets are proven combinations. Not to mention, take home normal lighting, normal use are generally no problem, save a lot of trouble. Otherwise inexperienced partners face now a bit confusing motherboard and CPU correspondence, and hundreds of pages of the motherboard list, it is really easy to get confused, choose the wrong.


Another selection factor is of course the price advantage, for example, in the same e-commerce platform, both choose the manufacturer’s official self-owned stores or flagship stores, a mainstream configuration of the board U set, the price is cheaper than the independent purchase of 50 yuan is very common, 100 yuan or even more are available.


As for the selection method, only concern CPU partners in the CPU manufacturer’s flagship store to buy good, already have a favorite motherboard partners can go to the motherboard store, may also have a suitable set for you. And sometimes the CPU is out of stock, the motherboard manufacturer to provide the board U set supply can also “hold on” for a period of time, is a good opportunity to not start, back to eat the regret pill.


As for the shortcomings of the kit, the first is that the combination of coverage is not complete, like the motherboard and CPU may not be the manufacturer group CP, that can not be helped. The other thing is that if you like to chase new and personalized partners, you should find that the latest or more personalized CPUs often do not have a kit, or the price of the kit is not much better. If you are not in a hurry, I sincerely suggest that you wait for the affordable set to be listed before you take the plunge.


Now that it is nearing the end of the year, various tailgating promotions are coming up again, and those who are considering upgrading or saving should prepare for it, and looking at CPU or board U sets first is definitely the first step. What? Do not want to move the motherboard? Then the graphics card CPU, memory CPU, hard drive SSD package can also be understood under Oh.



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