Why software pile up to C disk before installing a new system to figure out

Win11 is coming soon, and it is definitely most convenient to upgrade directly, but I believe there are many partners who will still choose a fresh installation for more simplicity and peace of mind. When installing systems and software, I don’t know if you have noticed a problem, their default installation path is always the C drive. Now the C drive is generally smaller capacity SSD, space is insufficient when some large software, big games have to consider installing to the D drive, E drive, will this have an impact?


This thing we have to say from both the hard and soft side, C disk as the first partition of the hard disk (A, B disk by default divided to the floppy drive), in the era of mechanical hard disk occupies the most starting position of the disk, and the so-called column surface of the hard disk is the default from the outer ring to start. From the hard disk structure can be seen, in the case of constant speed, C disk where the outer circle line speed is obviously faster than D, E disk commonly used in the middle circle, inner circle, in reading and writing does have a speed advantage.



In this case, the system and software will, of course, give priority to the C disk to install, so that the start to faster well. As for now, as mentioned earlier C disk is generally faster SSD, that to C disk still has the speed advantage, the system and software will of course still choose to pile up to C disk. The solution is very simple, C disk with a larger SSD, out of the speed of the SSD can be used as a D disk, the future C disk and “burst” used to install software, the speed is always higher than the mechanical hard drive.


Experienced partners may find another phenomenon, if the system is installed in other partitions, such as D disk, you will find that the default installation path of some software will become D disk, which is the demand for software. Most of today’s applications are not written from the “bottom”, many functions are achieved by calling Windows comes with the API, drivers, databases and other files, and Windows installed in the same partition is certainly the most convenient to call these files.


In addition, the design of software to consider the mainstream computer will have at least C drive, but not sure there will be D drive and other hard disk or partition, and some small software for the convenience of writing, but also likely to directly fix the path of the C drive call. The former software installed to other hard disk, of course, no problem; and some small software, personal software in the start-up operation if there is an error about the path, you can try to change to the C disk, and the use of simple English folder, eighty percent will be able to solve the problem.


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