Mobile crosstalk: Why the fast charging function of cell phones will fail

Many cell phones today are focused on fast charging, but in practice, we often encounter the problem of not being able to activate fast charging. The main reason behind this phenomenon is the compatibility between major fast charging standards and accessories.

First of all, we need to make sure that using the original charger and data cable that comes with the phone will definitely activate the fast charging function. Of course, we also need to exclude the phone itself does not support fast charging, or manufacturers to save costs, although the phone supports fast charging but the standard charger does not support fast charging cases (such as the Redmi Note5, etc.). In addition, when charging more than 9x%, the phone will enter the trickle charge state in order to protect the battery, which is also known as the slow charging mode, at this time the fast charging failure is normal.

In order to facilitate the needs of charging at home, work and other fixed places at any time, we tend to own a separate charger and data cable. However, fast charging chargers we need to choose according to the fast charging standards supported by the phone, such as Qualcomm QC program, MediaTek PE program, Huawei FCP or SFCP program, OPPO VOOC flash charging program and so on.

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The problem comes, the charger is easy to match, but the data cable can also lead to fast charging failure if not bought right. For example, Huawei SFCP super fast charger requires a USB Type-C data cable that supports 5A current to activate, and ordinary data cables can only pass 3A current. In addition, OPPO VOOC also requires the original data line to activate, especially the R17 and Find X and other new products, although the switch to the USB Type-C interface, but is not compatible with third-party 5A data line, or need to match the original data line.

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R17 can’t activate VOOC with original charger + 5A third party data cable

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R17 use original charger + original data cable to activate VOOC

In short, the phone, charger and data cable, only these three elements are mutually certified successful to ensure smooth fast charging. Relatively speaking, Qualcomm QC fast charging has the best compatibility, and there are few requirements for the data cable.

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