Wi-Fi often drops out, this setting should be modified

What is the biggest problem when using Wi-Fi? The problem is that the Wi-Fi device is too much, the router settings and other problems caused by the drop network we have said before. Some partners also reflect their computer in the use of wireless networks, a period of time will not be used to drop the line, but the phone has been connected very well, just what is going on? In fact, this is just a small system settings problem.


First, use Win + X to call out the menu, select “Device Manager”.


Scroll down to find “Network Adapters” and click on it, find your wireless card and double click on it to open the wireless card properties page.


Switch the tab to “Power Management” and uncheck the box “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”. This way, the system will not disconnect from the network because the system is idle, resulting in dropped connections.


If the computer and router support 5G band, you can also switch the tab to “Advanced”, scroll down to “Preferred band”, and change the value to “Preferred 5.2GHz band “. Use this band to avoid interference from household appliances and wireless keypads next to your computer, and to reduce the chance of dropped connections.


In this way, as long as the signal coverage of the Wi-Fi router, the computer’s wireless dropout problem can be basically avoided, the connection is absolutely stable.


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