System hacks: Win10 night mode problem all solved

Windows 10 introduces a “night mode” for display color settings. Turning on Night Mode helps protect your eyesight by reducing the irritation of the display’s harsh light. This mode can be used not only in the nighttime environment, but also at any time when the ambient light is low and you need to protect your eyesight. However, you may encounter some problems in using Windows 10 night mode.

Tip: First of all, you need to understand that the night display mode of Windows 10 is dependent on the functionality of the graphics card. Therefore, to make the function work properly, please install the graphics card driver correctly, it is better to download and install the corresponding driver from the official website of the graphics card.

1. Night mode does not light up at the preset time

The problem of night mode not lighting up at the preset time often occurs in two aspects, one is the clock and the other is the location. This can happen if the time zone is set to a certain time zone and you are working in another area that is far away and the auto-location is not turned on.

Go to “Time and Language” in the “Settings” section of the system, click on “Date and Time”, turn off the automatic switch if it is already on, and then select your time zone manually ( Figure 1).


Then, go to the location settings window via “Settings→Privacy→Location” and click the “Change” button to turn on the location function of your device (Figure 2). After this setting, the night display mode will work during the preset time period.


2. Night mode switch cannot be switched

Generally speaking, the switch of night mode can keep flexible switch selection. However, occasionally you may find that the mode switch is stuck in the “on” or “off” position and cannot be moved. If you encounter this situation, please right-click the Start button, select “Shutdown or Logout→Logout”, and then log in the system again, the mode switch will return to normal (Figure 3).


3. Night mode switch grayed out

There is another situation where the night mode switch becomes grayed out and unselectable. This can be solved by using the Registry Editor. Open the Registry Editor and locate “HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionCloudStoreStoreCacheDefaultAccount “, expand the DefaultAccount branch and delete the following two subfolders (Figure 4).



Finally, close the registry editor and restart your computer.


Read more: In case none of the above methods can solve the problem and you don’t want to reinstall the system, you can try to borrow third-party software instead, just go to the app store and download the f.lux app.


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