Win11 game frame speed slippage this setting to pay attention to

As more and more partners and computers are upgraded to Win11, some problems are beginning to be exposed. There is some bad news about the frame speed of the game that players are most concerned about, in addition to the problems that exist with the previously mentioned Rex, some Core computers are installed with Win11, and the frame speed is significantly reduced compared to when Win10 is installed.


From the current test, Win11 opens the VBS (Virtualization-based Security) on some computers, which is probably the biggest “hacker” of the game frame speed reduction. You can click the Windows key, type “system information” in the top search bar and search, then drop down the page on the right side of the opened interface, you can see a “Virtualization-based Security” item at the bottom, if the status is If the status is “Running”, it means VBS is enabled.


How much performance will be lost by turning on VBS? Overseas media conducted a comparison test using i7-10700K+RTX 3060 Ti and found that most of the games had a very noticeable drop in frame speed, with Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s frame speed even dropping by more than 1/4.




What is more interesting is that VBS mainly affects CPU performance, but not because it takes up a lot of CPU computing resources like many security features, but rather limits CPU play. For example, after opening VBS, the maximum CPU power in “Metro: Departure” dropped from 92W to 71W, the power consumption dropped by nearly 1/4, obviously not running at full speed, the impact on performance is of course very large.


To turn off this feature is not difficult, in the “Settings – Privacy and Security – Windows Security Center” interface, find and click on “Device Security”, in its interface, “Kernel Isolation Under “Kernel Isolation”, select “Kernel Isolation Details”, turn off the switch under “Memory Integrity”, then reboot as required, and then we can play the game happily.




In fact, VBS is a feature that appeared in Win10, but it was turned off by default, and most people kept it off after upgrading to Win11. In addition Microsoft and some manufacturers have said that this feature may be turned on in some of the branded machines with Win11 installed by default, but the products positioned for gaming are bound to be turned off. So why some computers will quietly open this function, there seems to be no clear instructions, the partners upgrade or pay attention to check it.


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