Win11 patch real test

In the previous push, we mentioned that the partners using the Rex CPU should not rush to upgrade Win11 first, because there are very serious bugs that greatly affect the performance of Rex. Both Microsoft and AMD promised to solve the problem within the month, which is not yet the end of the month, Microsoft’s relevant patch (KB5006746) has already been pushed to the test platform. Will it allow more pals to try Win11 or not? Let’s give it a try.


This test is based on Raider 9 3900 and X570 motherboard, first see how big the current Win11 is in the end and Win10. AIDA 64 was chosen here to directly test the ability of the three-level cache (L3 Cache). We recommend that you click on the large image to watch.



At first glance, it seems that Win11’s L3 Cache score is quite high, you can not be mistaken, because Win11 test speed is too low, the unit of data displayed from GB / s down to MB / s. That is to say, the relevant rate is actually only a few dozen GB / s, equivalent to only 1/100 of the Win10 system, latency has also increased by 4 times, no wonder the performance of many software applications will So crotch pulling. So, what about after the patch?


Obviously, most of the performance of the L3 Cache test is back to normal, the only thing that is a bit strange is that the read speed, which should be higher than the write and copy speed, is not fully restored, and has become the slowest part of it, which is totally unreasonable. We’re not quite sure if the patch is still a problem or a bug in the test itself, or if it needs a patch from AMD to go along with it. I hope that after the patch test is completed, the official launch will be improved.


By the way, the AMD patch mentioned here is mainly for Win11 itself will not identify the best core, the performance impact is relatively small, but can not be ignored, so it is best to also pay attention to the recent CPU driver updates on AMD’s website. The judgment method is super simple, because now the relevant driver page only Win10 64-bit a choice, wait until there is a Win11 option, do not hesitate to download and use it.



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