Win11 will soon be able to upgrade to this measurement

October 5 Win11 will be officially launched, many partners have been the beauty of the new interface, the new architecture of efficient attraction, ready to try a fresh. But …… your computer to meet the upgrade conditions? Before we mentioned that the compatibility checker tool can help us check, but at that time its function is still very simple, find out the problem and have to search for their own how to solve. If you think there is some trouble, you don’t have to worry about it now, all you need is the new official version of the compatibility checker.


What we are talking about here is of course the official Microsoft product. Let’s go to the Microsoft website, click on “Windows” in the product type link at the top of the page, click on “Windows 11” in a similar location in the next page, and select “Learn about Windows 11”.



The following is the main point, we pull down the page, to the location of the following figure and so on, it will take a while to appear a new page components, the official compatibility checker download link is here, no wonder many anxious partners said in the page can not find the download. If you are reading this article on your computer, click directly on也行.



The download gets an MSI file, double-click to install it, and the check page will open by default when it’s done. Interestingly, it opens a so-called “Computer Health Overview” screen. The left side shows basic information about the computer, while the right side allows you to check the current version of the system, the remaining capacity of the system partition, and even the recent boot events.



Of course, what we want most is the Windows introduction check on the upper right side, click “Check Now”, if the small window appears is very simple, only one sentence “Organize to manage updates on this computer”, that means the computer is completely fine, and in the future, directly If the small window that appears is very simple, with only the phrase “The organization manages updates on this computer”, it means that the computer is perfectly fine, so you can update Win11 directly in the future.


If there is indeed a compatibility problem, then the small window will show the problem, I believe that most of the partners are TPM problems, the solution can refer to the previous push “Win11 installation necessary TMP is a thing”. In fact, a closer look will also find that all the problems are followed by their own links, direct click will also jump to the corresponding Microsoft help page, very convenient.


If you have too many questions or want to see other checks, click “View all results” in the lower part of the small window, you can see all the checks and your actual configuration and settings. Here is a brief mention, if some hardware configuration just happens to meet the requirements of Win11, it is likely to be able to install Win11, not to ensure that it can run smoothly, it is best to consider upgrading a level.


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