Office hacks: window pop-ups in the slide show can also be achieved this way

When using slides for presentations, you may use the window pop-up effect. Previously, this publication has introduced the method of implementation with PPT. In fact, it is easier to achieve it with Articulate Storyline 3 software. The software is similar to PPT, so if you are used to operating PPT, you will be able to use it comfortably. Next, we will introduce the eight planets of the sun as an example and introduce how to use it to achieve the pop-up window effect.

First, open Articulate Storyline 3 and create a new project. In the “Article View” state, double-click the “Untitled Scene” slide to enter the editing window. Double-click “1.1 Untitled Slide” in the left “Scene” window and change the title of the slide to “The Sun and its Eight Planets”. Switch to the “Design” tab, click “Article Size”, select “Custom” in the pop-up window of “Article Size”. “, remove the check in front of “Lock aspect ratio”, set the required width and height, and set the required background. Switch to the “Insert” tab, click “Picture → Picture from File”, insert the required picture, adjust its position and size; and use the text box to insert the required title, set the title font, size, etc. (Figure 1).


Switch to the “Start” tab, click “New Slide→Basic Layout→Blank”, so as to create a new blank slide, double-click the blank slide in the left “Scene Slide title, change its title to “Mercury”, and then switch to the “Insert” tab, insert the required images and text in this slide, and set their style; other planets in the introduction of the operation and so on (Figure 2).


Next, select the first slide, that is, the title of the “Sun and its eight planets” slide, switch to the “Insert” tab, click “Hot Topics → Oval”, in the Draw a circle at the position of Mercury in the picture of the slide, select the trigger corresponding to “Hot Topic 1” in the “Triggers” panel on the right, click “Edit Selected Trigger”, and select “Trigger” in the pop-up window, select “pop-up slide”, choose “Mercury” for the slide, “user click” for the time, and “hot question” for the object. 1″. In this way, when you click on Mercury in the picture, a slideshow will pop up with an introduction to Mercury. The same is done for the other planets (Figure 3).


Finally, switch to the “Start” tab, click on the “Player” button, and in the function tab of the pop-up window, remove all the checkboxes for resources, menus, and so on. After that, click the “Publish” button, select the Web tab in the pop-up window, enter the title, set up the publishing folder, publish on it (Figure 4).


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