System hacks: Windows 10 clipboard cloud synchronization

For those who have some computer knowledge, they know that the content copied by pressing Ctrl+C on PC A will not be pasted by pressing Ctrl+V again on PC B. But Microsoft has added the “Clipboard Cloud Sync” feature from the Windows 10 RS5 Build 17666 beta version to break this habitual perception.

Enhancing your own clipboard

For example, when we copy new content, the previous content in the clipboard will be overwritten, so that the clipboard will always save only one latest information, which is very inconvenient. We used to solve such problems by installing third-party clipboard enhancement tools such as Ditto, CLCL, ClipX and so on, but now the new version of Windows 10 system itself can solve it, no need to hire “external help”.

First of all, open the Windows 10 system settings window, find the “System” option and click on it, select the “Clipboard” option in the list on the left. After clicking on this option, you can see the “Save multiple options” feature in the right window. Now we will activate this feature and then copy and paste in the traditional way (Figure 1).


When we want to view the history in the clipboard, just use the shortcut key Win+V to bring up the clipboard history (Figure 2). For unwanted clipboard records, just click the Delete button in the upper right corner of that record. If any record you want to reuse, just click the left mouse button on the record, so that the record will be automatically loaded into the clipboard, and then re-paste operation can be done. For those who need to use the information for a long time, you can fix it by clicking the Fix button in the upper right corner.


Tip: Click the “Clear” button under the “Settings” window to clear the history of the clipboard at once, except for the information that is fixed in the clipboard.

Synchronize the contents of the clipboard

If you want to synchronize the contents of the clipboard to other devices, first activate the “Sync across devices” option in the “Settings” window of the system. However, when using this feature, Microsoft will ask for confirmation of the user’s identity. First, the user will be asked to enter his bundled security account, and then send a verification code to this account, and only after successfully passing this step can he proceed to the next operations (Figure 3).


Next, in the “Settings” window, the user will be asked to select the “Auto-sync” option. If the user selects the “Automatically synchronize copied text” option, then the information copied to the clipboard will be synchronized to the cloud server. If the user selects the “Never automatically synchronize copied text” option, follow the previous method to open the clipboard history window, find the relevant information that needs to be synchronized and click the “Sync to other devices” button on the right side to sync the specified information to the cloud server. You can sync the specified information to the cloud server. Later, when we log in with the same account in other computer devices, the clipboard information in the cloud server will be synchronized to this device, thus solving the problem of sharing information between different computers.


★ Although the sync function emphasizes on synchronizing text, after testing, it is found that other files can be synchronized as well. However, if you want to synchronize these files, it is recommended that you do it by other means such as netbook.

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