Software recommendation: Windows 10 free with Apple dynamic wallpaper

Apple’s new system Mojave dynamic desktop wallpaper, it can change the style of desktop wallpaper according to the time, from day to night desert, light and dark color changes look very interesting, which makes many friends who use Windows envious. Now with the help of WinDynamicDesktop, Windows 10 users can also use Mojave dynamic desktop wallpaper for free.

First of all, go to去下载WinDynamicDesktop, the software will automatically download the Mojave dynamic desktop wallpaper file after running, and then enter the local time such as “beijing” in the pop-up window as prompted, so that the software will automatically The software will automatically determine the local sunset time, so as to set the wallpaper day to night change (Figure 1).


Figure 1 Setting region

In this way, during the day and night time (determined by the above setting region), WinDynamicDesktop will automatically change the wallpaper, and the light and dark color of the desert in the wallpaper will be consistent with the current time, for example, at night it will show stars, while the light color is darker (Figure 2).


Figure 2 Dynamic wallpaper with time change

The wallpaper files are saved in “C:UsersCurrent UserAppDataLocalProgramsWinDynamicDesktopimages” by default, so we can open the above directory at any time and choose the image we like as the current wallpaper (Figure 3) .


Figure 3 Wallpaper save directory

Since WinDynamicDesktop currently only provides 16 wallpapers extracted from MacOS Mojave, if you want to modify them into your own custom wallpapers, you can go to master/src/images.conf, download the required images.conf, open it with Notepad, and modify the code in it.


Figure 4 Configuration file

For example, the default wallpaper file is from下载, we can prepare the corresponding wallpaper file by ourselves (note that we need images with day and night changing effects), and then package it on our own server. Then change the “imagesZipUri”: “” to the actual address of the images, and change the source file of WinDynamicDesktop (which can be found at to “imagesZipUri”. WinDynamicDesktop/tree/master/src) and repackage and export it as an .EXE installation file to install (Figure 4).

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