System hacks: Windows 10 is disabled services so restore

In order to optimize the system, we sometimes try to modify the system’s service settings to speed up the system operation. If there is a misuse of the system, such as disabling some essential services or even all services too quickly, it will cause many applications in the system to fail to run properly. What should I do in this case? Although the new Windows 10 provides the function of restoring factory mode, it will cause a lot of settings and data loss, so few people are willing to do so. Do not be anxious to encounter this situation, through some operations and settings can also restore the normal state of the system services, and will not cause any damage. The author will share this method with you, just in case.

Let’s start with the easy way. First, click on the Windows 10 Start menu and type “msconfig”, match it to “System Configuration” and click “Run as administrator”.


Then switch to the “Services” tab, click the “Enable All” button, then click Confirm to exit and restart the computer to see if it is back to normal.


In general, the system will be restored to normal, there are some special cases, even if you use the system configuration function to open all services, still can not be correctly restored, in this case, we need to use another method to operate.

Start by clicking on the Windows 10 Start menu, type “dcomcnfg” and match it to “Component Services” and click “Run as administrator”.


In the tree list on the left side of the component services, click “Component Services → Computer → My Computer → DCOM Configuration” in order


At this point, scroll down the bar on the right, locate “netprofm”, click the right mouse button and select “Properties”.


After opening the netprofm properties, switch the tab to “Security” and click on the “Customize” item to the right of “Startup and activation permissions”. Edit” button under “Startup and Activation Permissions”.


Next, click “Add” and then in the “Enter object name to select”, fill in “Local Service” and click OK to return to the previous screen, check the “Local Startup” and “Local Activation” two permissions (respectively, check “Allow”) to determine the exit. Finally, go back to “Component Services”, click “Services” on the left, and locate “Network List Service”, right-click it and select “After restarting the computer, all the services should be back to normal.



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