System hacks: Windows 10 new features to solve big problems

Windows is an operating platform that requires a lot of setup later to meet the operational needs of different users, and many of these setup steps are very tedious, such as the installation of fonts and the fixing of input methods and so on. One good news is that the latest beta version of Windows 10 has added some new features that can save you from many tedious steps by simply operating in the settings window.

Install font files using drag-and-drop

In order to make yourself more comfortable when reading on your computer, everyone sets up different fonts in the system. But the traditional way to install fonts is to copy and paste the files to the folder directory C:WindowsFonts. Although the operation is also very convenient, but this method does not have the related installation prompt, so it is difficult for users to know whether the installation operation is successful. In the latest beta version of Windows 10, users can install the font files by dragging and dropping them.

We first download the font file we need to use, for example, I downloaded the “Apple Fonts” file that comes with the Apple system. First open the Windows 10 settings window and click on the “Personalize” option in the list. In the pop-up window, select the “Fonts” button on the left. Next, in the right window, you can see a prompt box named “Drag and drop to install”, now we just need to use the mouse to select the downloaded font file, and then drag and drop it into this prompt box area (Figure 1).


When the box detects the correct font file, you will see a “Copy” message in the box. When you release the left mouse button, you will see the installation progress of the font file, and when the progress bar reaches the head, it means the font has been installed. Then in the font list below you can find the fonts you just installed, and in which you can preview and delete the installed fonts and a series of management operations.

Tip: Some fonts are actually installed as replacements for existing fonts, so you’d better make a backup of the current fonts before installation, so that the effect after installation may not be as good as the overall effect before.

Lock the default input method options

Every user may have one or more different input methods installed when using a computer. But in order to occupy the input method market, many of them set themselves as the default input method after the installation is completed, which will tamper with the input method that users use by default. The system now provides a default input method protection option to prevent the input method from being tampered with from the system level.

Again, first open the Windows 10 settings window, click on the “Time and Language” option, and then click on the “Language” option on the left side of the pop-up window (Figure 2).


Next, at the bottom of the right-hand window, you can see an option called “Select always default input method”. After clicking it, you can select the default input method you often use in the pop-up window, so that this input method will be fixed to the first place in the system input method list (Figure 3). If you are using the default input method, you may also use other input methods, so it is better to check the “Allow me to use different input methods for each application window” option below.


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