Software recommendation: Windows 10 theme light and dark mode arbitrary change

The flexible definition of Windows themes can create a relatively comfortable desktop visual environment to meet users’ personalized visual needs. Although the “Settings” application of Windows 10 can set the “Night Mode” to switch on and off automatically at regular intervals, the choice of color shades for the theme can only be made by going to “Settings→Personalization→Color “This is inconvenient and a single choice (Figure 1). If you use Auto Dark Mode software, you can easily customize the Windows theme and automatically switch it on and off at regular intervals.


First, run the Auto Dark Mode software, select the “Auto Theme Switch” checkbox at the top of the software, after selecting this item, the following options can be operated. Dark or light color theme (called “Dark Mode” or “White Theme” in the software) can be set for “Application”, “System “System” and “Edge”, each of which can be selected as “Follow System Theme”, “Dark” or “White”. Under the “System” column, check “Highlight Taskbar Color” to apply the theme color to the taskbar (Figure 2).


Depending on the selected theme style, the desktop background can be configured with different background images. Click the “Configure desktop background” button in the middle of the software to enter the “Configure desktop background” window, and then set the background in the two panes of white theme wallpaper and dark mode wallpaper. Click “Use current background” to use the current desktop background image; if you want to choose another picture, then click “Select File” to select a different picture to match the two different styles of the theme (Figure 3).


To realize the automatic switching of theme light and dark or desktop background, you need to specify a start time for each of the two types of themes. Under the “Custom Start Time” column, fill in the start time for the “Light” and “Dark” themes, and then click the “Apply “button to make the settings take effect. If you select “Use Location Services”, the software will determine the time to automatically turn on the light and dark mode based on the sunrise and sunset times of the user’s geographic location. Note that using this option requires location services to be enabled in the system.


The above automatic opening time of the theme occurs automatically in the background as a system task schedule. If you want to use the 12-hour system, you can click the “Settings” button at the bottom right corner of the software, and then check “12-hour format”. After that, the custom time will be marked with am and pm to indicate the morning or afternoon time period (Figure 4).



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