How to Use Windows Easy Transfer 8/8.1

Windows Easy Transfer, once developed by Microsoft, is a very convenient tool to transfer files, settings, user account, and various media files to another computer. But with the development of Windows, Microsoft has decided to eliminate Windows Easy Transfer, and it also no longer support the latest Windows 10 system. But if you’re still using Windows 8/8.1, you can still transfer a variety of files from other Windows systems to Windows 8/8.1 computers. Note that Windows Easy Transfer won’t allow transferring files from a 64-bit system to a 32-bit system or from a 32-bit system to a 64-bit system. Also, if you’re already using the latest Windows 10 system, you can also use Microsoft’s recommended PCmover to better transfer files.

How to use Windows Easy Transfer 8/8.1 for files, apps, and settings transfer

If you intend to transfer files from another PC to a PC with Windows 8.1, only does it support Windows 7 or Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. And you can’t transfer files from Windows 8.1 to another computer.

However, unlike Windows 8.1, you can transfer files to Windows 8 from more types of operating systems. The following operating systems are supported to complete transfer tasks aim at Windows 8 computers.

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP Service Pack 2(SP2)or Service Pack 3(SP3)

Note that Windows Vista and XP require Windows East Transfer to be installed additionally.

Step 1: Start Windows Easy Transfer from your old computer

Here takes Windows 7/8 as an example. Search for Windows Easy Transfers on your old PC.

021420 1520 HowtoUseWin1

Click Windows Easy Transfer, and then start the program.

021420 1520 HowtoUseWin2

Click Next after startup.

021420 1520 HowtoUseWin3

There are three ways in this interface to help us transfer files to a new computer, the first is through the transfer cable, the second is over the network, and the third is via an external hard disk or a USB disk. Here we choose to transfer via the hard drive.

021420 1520 HowtoUseWin4

Browse the external hard drive and select a folder to save Windows Easy Transfer files, and then click OK.

021420 1520 HowtoUseWin5

Then choose this is my old computer.

021420 1520 HowtoUseWin6

Windows Easy transfer, automatically scans all account and file information on your old computer. We can choose to migrate the account or simply transfer the files.

021420 1520 HowtoUseWin7

You can enter a password to protect the file. Of course you can also keep it default without password.

021420 1520 HowtoUseWin8

Here the file has been successfully saved to our hard drive, we can be ready to connect the hard drive to another computer.

Step 2: Transfer files to a Windows 8/8.1 computer

On our Windows 8/8.1 pc, connect to our external hard drive or USB flash memory first, and then you need to search for Windows Easy Transfer programs.

021420 1520 HowtoUseWin9
021420 1520 HowtoUseWin10

Once we find the program, we click to start the program.

021420 1520 HowtoUseWin11

Then go to the launch screen and click Next.

021420 1520 HowtoUseWin12

Here we need to choose, yes, we have saved the file to an external hard drive or USB flash memory.

Then the file manager will pop up and we’ll choose our external hard drive, or USB flash memory.

021420 1520 HowtoUseWin13

Find the Easy Transfer File. This file is a special package file, then we check and click to open.

021420 1520 HowtoUseWin14
021420 1520 HowtoUseWin15

If you’ve set your password before, just enter it and click Next.

Then we select the file that needs to be transferred, or the account. Click on the transfer.

021420 1520 HowtoUseWin16

The file will automatically start the transfer, wait a moment, and after the transfer is complete, you can close the program.

021420 1520 HowtoUseWin17

In addition, you can click to see which files or settings, transferred to the new computer.

021420 1520 HowtoUseWin18
021420 1520 HowtoUseWin19

In the transfer report, you can view the user account, documents, the application settings system settings and other information that have been successfully transferred.

In the application report, you can see which apps are transferred to a new PC.

Step 3: View transferred files on your Windows 8/8.1 computer

Once the files are transferred, we’ll be able to find our files on Windows 8/8.1 computers. We open the file manager and then open the system disk, which is generally C disk. Then open the user folder, find the account name you transferred, and then all your files, including the folder, are under this account name.

021420 1520 HowtoUseWin20

Step 4:Add the transferred application to the new computer

If you are transferring from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, you can even transfer Windows 8 applications to a new PC.

Use the account transferred from your old computer to log on to the new computer.

On Start screen, click Store tile

In the Windows Store, right-click any blank area.

Click your app in the upper-left corner of the screen.

021420 1520 HowtoUseWin21

Right-click each application you want to reinstall, or click Select All, and then click Install.

021420 1520 HowtoUseWin22

On the Start screen, click the down arrow at the bottom left of the screen to open the list of applications.

021420 1520 HowtoUseWin23

Once the app is installed automatically, you’ll notice that there’s a “NEW” label under its name.

021420 1520 HowtoUseWin24

The above steps allow you to complete the file and application transfer tasks. Although Windows Easy Transfer is a very good file transfer program built into Windows OS. But now that Microsoft has eliminated the program, you can use Onedrive to share files without a computer or use its recommended PCmover to complete the transfer of various file settings.

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