System tips: Windows File Explorer is broken how to do?

Some of the problems we encounter when using Windows File Explorer are not easy to solve through File Explorer itself. At this point, it may be easier to solve them with the help of Group Policy Editor. Previously, this publication has introduced some methods to solve File Explorer problems with Group Policy. I will add some practical examples below.

The path to modify the File Explorer function in Group Policy Editor is: “Local Computer Policy→User Configuration→Manage Touch Panel→Windows Components→File Explorer”. The options involved in the following modifications all start from this path (Figure 1).


1. File Explorer menu bar is lost and recovered

If you find that the menu bar in File Explorer is missing and you can’t do file operations, you can first find the “Show menu bar in File Explorer” item in the path of Group Policy above, then double-click it and set it to enable (Figure 2).


2. Numbered file names are not displayed in normal sorting

Normally, File Explorer sorts files with numbered filenames in the order of smallest to largest or largest to smallest values. For example, “4<52<123”. If we find that the file names cannot be sorted by numerical size, but only by numerical digit comparison, such as “123<4<52”, then we need to check the “Turn off numerical sorting in File Explorer” option in the above path of the strategy. “option setting, just set it to “not configured” or “disabled” can be (Figure 3).


3. Don’t want to generate a thumbnail cache to ensure privacy

Even if the images are deleted, the existence of thumbnails may still reveal the approximate content of the images. Therefore, in order to avoid privacy leakage, we need to turn off the thumbnail cache. How to do this: Locate the Group Policy path above, find the “Turn off thumbnail caching” option, and set it to Enable. 4.

Retrieve the lost device “Properties → Hardware” tab

If you select the “Hardware” tab in the “Properties” window of a “Hardware” device (e.g. hard disk, mouse, keyboard, sound device, etc.), we can get some basic information about the hardware We can get some basic information about the properties and parameters of the hardware. However, sometimes this tab may be lost due to software modifications or optimization, failures, etc. If this happens, we can use the Group Policy path above to find the “Remove Hardware tab” option and then set it to “Unconfigured” or “Disabled” (Figure 4). Figure 4).



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