Windows old problems reappear to solve the Win11 reboot problem

Some of the partners who tried Win11 reflected that now Win11 let them get the feeling of using Win7 again, but this is not a good word, but that Win11 began to restart from time to time, especially when shutting down the most trouble, often the next day when you wake up or go to work to find that the computer is still in the “shutdown” selected yesterday Run …… this is what fat thing?


The reason is actually very simple, now we use Win11 is basically the Win10 update, the original program, applications, drivers, file formats, storage modes, etc., inevitably there are conflicts with Win11, but also the update failed to instantly change the hidden problems. And after the Win11 update, the option to reboot when encountering a system failure was turned on by default, no wonder many partners went back to the Win7 era overnight.


The solution is also very simple, we turn off the relevant options is it, its location relative to Win7, Win10 has a little change. First right-click the Windows key, click “Settings”, select “System” in the page, click “About” at the bottom of the right-hand page.



In the new page, select “Advanced System Settings” at the bottom of the first column on the right, and in the pop-up window, click the “Settings” button in the lower “Startup and Failure Recovery” column.



Here we can see the system failure option, click on the selection box, cancel the “automatic restart”, after the system reboot will generally not appear to shut down the restart problem. Of course, you should still observe what software is causing the shutdown failure in daily use, update the software, drivers, so that Win11 is more stable it. As for the “forced” installation of Win11 on the old computer partners, love the new system, or consider upgrading the hardware.


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