System hacks: Windows selection box transparent color customization

When you select a rectangular box on the desktop or in a window with the mouse, either a transparent rectangular box is displayed or a translucent (or subtransparent) box with a light blue background will be displayed. While Windows 10 can arbitrarily change the color of the taskbar or window title bar and select transparent or not, and even automatically take colors from the background image to change the color of these parts, it cannot change the transparent background color of the selection box. With proper system settings and registry modifications, you can customize the subtransparent color of the selection box.

1. Activate the subtransparent rectangle option

In File Explorer, right-click on “This PC” and select the “Properties” item in the shortcut menu. In the “System” window, select the “Advanced System Settings” item in the left column (Figure 1).


In the pop-up “System Properties” window, click the “Advanced” tab, and then click the “Settings” button in the “Performance” column (Figure 2).


In the subsequent pop-up “Performance Options” window, click the “Visual Effects” tab, regardless of the following selection box at this time in what state of choice, to ensure that the “Show subtransparent selection rectangle ” item (Figure 3). This will lay the foundation for the desktop or window in the selection box to present a translucent state.


2. Change the semi-transparent color of the selection box

Next, we have to change the color of the selection box by modifying the registry.

Right-click on the Start button and select the Run item, enter the command REGEDIT in the command box and enter to start the Registry Editor. Locate the “HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelColors” branch in order. In the right pane, find the two string values Highlight and HotTrackingColor (Figure 4).


By double-clicking on these two string values, you can see that the numerical data is a set of three data strings, which are RGB color values separated by spaces in the range of 0-255. By modifying these values, you can achieve the purpose of customizing the color of the selection box (Figure 5).


If you are not sure about RGB colors and need to check the colors corresponding to RGB color codes, you can use Jedi Color Picker software to complete the comparison check.


To prevent damage to the system caused by misuse of the registry, please backup the registry before operation.

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