Best WinRAR Password Removers

RAR archives have been around for quite some time. Storing multiple files in a folder and being able to compress it so save space is what made them one of the most used features in modern computers.

Every now and then, people need to add a layer of security to keep the archives’ contents from prying eyes. The best way to do that is to add a password to the RAR files. As great as that is, a small problem may arise. Not many people use password managers to store their passwords, and you may find yourself in a situation where you forgot your password to the RAR file you created a while ago. So, what can you do about it? Use a WinRAR password remover.

What is a WinRAR Password Remover?

It’s a tool that manages to crack the Password so that you can access the RAR file. Almost all password removers rely on the brute force method, where the software will start generating ransom passwords hoping that it will manage to guess it. The procedure is not fancy, but it should manage to get the job done in a lot of cases. The reason why we say “it should” is because no matter what any developer says, no password remover will be able to get the job done 100%.

Why Would You Need a Winrar Password Remover?

Keeping track of passwords on your browser is easy, especially if you use a password manager. RAR passwords are slightly tricky to “save” to some kind of a tool, and most people either try to remember them or write them down. Since it’s relatively easy to forget a password you haven’t used in a while or lose the piece of paper with the Password, you become a perfect candidate for a password remover.

Since this is a tool that you need to work without any hesitation, we complied a list of the best WinRAR password removers you can find on the market.

How We Tested the Password Removers?

There are multiple factors that come into play when you need a good password remover.

The first one is the speed. Not all password removers are developed identically, so each one uses a different algorithm and utilizes the power of your hardware differently. Next up is the ease of use. Removing a password like you are in some hacker movie may sound fun, but not many people know how to do that. Easy to use tools are always preferred.

Last but not least is the price. Even though free password removers are available, they rarely get the job done. on the other hand, an overprices piece of software that is a hit and miss is not advisable. Finding the sweet spot with a nice balance of price per performance is ideal.

The winners

There are several tools that will help you remove your WinRAR passwords that we declared the winners, and we believe they will get the job done the best.

Passper for RAR

Passper for RAR is probably one of the best WinRAR password removers out of all we tested. The tool is developed with four attack methods customized to work with all kinds of RAR files, older and newer versions. The attach methods, combined with the ability to maximize your hardware’s power, Passper for RAR is able to check 10 thousand passwords each second, meaning that you won’t need to wait for months to get the Password. In addition to that, you get a clean and easy to use user interface, where with only a few clicks, you’ll get started — select the file, choose the attack method, and you’re good to go. Among the many advantages is the fact that unlike some of the older password removers, there was a risk of file corruption or data loss. Luckily, that is not the case with Passper for RAR.

Pricewise if you consider what it does, the price is decent. The weekly package is excellent for a few RAR files, while the lifetime license is perfect if you need to use it more often and for more extended periods of time.

Considering everything this tool has to offer, we had to declare it the clear winner.

Passfab for RAR

The runner up in the best WinRAR password removers is Passfab for RAR. The name may be similar, but it’s not as good as Passper for RAR. With this tool, you get three attack methods with the option to utilize your GPU. It means that if you have a dedicated GPU, you’ll be able to get a slight advantage, and the tool will be able to crack the Password faster. Even with that, you are still not getting the fastest tool on the market. Dictionary mode aside, the brute force methods are either trying all possible combinations or customizing it to fine-tune the attack. With that, you’ll be shortening the time it takes to find the Password.

On the usability side of things, Passfab for RAR is not the easiest and simplest tool to use. It takes some getting used to, and some of the options may confuse you. The good thing is that once you get used to it, you’ll have no problems. Compared to Passper for RAR, you will be paying less, which is what you’d expect considering what it offers. You also get an option to purchase a monthly, yearly, or lifetime license.

iSumsoft RAR Password Refixer

The third WinRAR password remover in our winners’ list is iSumsoft RAR Password Refixer. Even though we are listing it as a winner, there are still some things that we didn’t like too much. Starting with the good stuff, iSumsoft’s RAR password refixer provides you with four attack methods depending on how you want to approach things. As with the others in this category, the GPU will be utilized for the cracking process, but it still takes a bit longer than Passper for RAR.

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Now we come to some of the really negative sides. Even though the user interface is relatively simple to use, it looks slightly dated and with good reason. The last update for this tool was about two years ago. The good news is that the lifetime license costs the same as the monthly for Passper for RAR. One thing to mentions was that during our testing, we experienced a few crashes, probably due to compatibility issues. We believe that using it on an older version of Windows should eliminate that problem.

The competition

We took into consideration more than just the three tools we outlined in the winners section during our testing. To keep things fair, here are the other worth mentioning.

Amazing-Share’s RAR password recovery

The RAR password recovery tool by Amazing-Share surprised us with the overall look and how simple it was to use. All we had to do is load up the RAR file and start the process, pretty simple. The tool has two brute force and one dictionary attacks baked in, making it pretty flexible. The downside is that no matter how you set it up, the speed at which the passwords are checked is not as fast as the others. On top of that, longer passwords will take even longer, probably because the tool can’t check as many passwords per second as the others.


Regarding the pricing, you can either get a personal or commercial license. Both are lifetime with the personal being available for one PC and the commercial is available for an unlimited number of devices.

Daossoft RAR Password Rescue

Daosoft developed its RAR password rescue tool well over a decade ago, and for a long time, it was among the best you could get. The brute force and dictionary attacks, along with the smart mode, made this RAR password recovery tool very flexible. The interface feels like software from several years ago, and the reason for that is the tool’s last update was in 2016. That results in a slightly dated interface and no support for the latest RAR files. Luckily, we have a few older versions around, so we put it to the test.


The speeds were slightly disappointing, but the overall experience wasn’t all that bad. After all, we were forced to test on an older RAR version. One thing we did notice was that it is able to utilize Nvidia and Radeon GPUs for the cracking process. This is not the cheapest option on the market, but it’s decently priced. An excellent addition is the 30-day refund policy in case you’re not satisfied with the product. Considering everything, the price is reasonable and you only get a lifetime license, not any of the limited options like with the others.

Top Password RAR password recovery

This is a RAR password recovery tool that will bring up the old XP memories. Top Password’s tool, even though it looks like something from 20 years ago, got a significant upgrade several years ago. The upgrade included improved attack modes and additional flexibility to modify how the tool will approach the password guessing process. Unfortunately, even though it works on any Windows version from XP to 10, the support for RAR files is slightly out of date. Any RAR file with version 5 will not work.


Despite the fact that you would be using an outdated tool, it will manage to get the job done with older files. It’s not the fastest we’ve tested; it’s just average. We noticed a few unexpected crashes when we tried it, but they were random, and couldn’t determine what caused them. Regarding the price, you get what you pay for. Considering the weak spots, this RAR password recover tool has the price for it, not that bad. For that, you also get a tool with multi-threaded technology and support for both Radeon and Nvidia GPUs, which has proven to be the perfect recipe for faster password recovery.

Krylack RAR password recovery

The last tool we tested was Krylack’s RAR password recovery software. The first thing we determined was that just like Daosoft’s tool, this was also out of date, so newer RAR versions don’t work. Apart from that, we still got all the bells and whistles that you’d generally expect from a password recovery tool. The two brute force and dictionary attack modes are pretty much standard, and one thing we noticed was that it managed to get the job done slightly quicker than some of the other competitors.

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Besides the lack of support for newer RAR versions, the most significant disadvantage was the user interface and usability. Even though this is a powerful tool for recovering RAR passwords, the interface looks like something from the Windows Vista era, and newbies will struggle to tune it and run the cracking process.


Even though we use RAR files quite a lot in our daily routines, Password protected ones are not that common. In most cases for the ones we use, we already know the passwords, so there’s no problem with that. Occasionally, when we reach a point where we forget the Password or don’t get it in the first place, we need a tool that can help us out. If you are in that position, our list of the best WinRAR password removers will help you out.

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