System hacks: without the mouse, the keyboard can also control the cursor operation

Everyone is often accustomed to use the mouse to control Windows. if ten fingers on the keyboard, lazy to use the mouse, in fact, only use the keyboard can also complete the same operation. For this, some necessary previous setup work needs to be done. Let’s take the operation in Windows 10 environment as an example to illustrate. 1.

1. modify the Windows settings, the keyboard can also be used as a mouse

Press Win+S key combination to search “Easy to use” and launch “Easy to use settings center”. After entering the easy to use settings window, pay attention to the highlighted items in the window, if at this time is due to mouse failure and seek to use the keyboard instead of operating, then this is the only way to navigate, press the arrow keys to move to “make the mouse easier to use” one, press enter to enter (Figure 1).


In the next window, tab to the “Enable mouse button” checkbox under “Use keyboard to control mouse” and press the space bar to select it. Then navigate to the other checkboxes in the same way and press the space bar (Figure 2). Then use the Tab key to move to “Set mouse button” and enter.


In the “Set Mouse Keys” window, use the Tab key in combination with the arrow keys to adjust both pointer speeds to the fastest; then navigate to “Apply” and “OK” and press the Enter key (Figure 3).


After performing the above operation, you can use the up and down arrows on the keypad to control the cursor on the screen. Pressing the number key 5 on the keypad is equivalent to a mouse click. 2.

2. Borrow third-party software simulation control more convenient

If you think the system comes with a slightly complex and single control method, then you can also use a third-party software NeatMouse to control the settings.

After launching NeatMouse, you will automatically enter the settings window. After Activation, select the hotkey to activate the software (default is Scroll Lock), and then press the More Options button at the end of the toolbar to expand the settings panel. In the Mouse movement column set the keyboard keys for emulating the mouse cursor movement, and in the Mouse buttons column set the keyboard keys for emulating the mouse keys. If you think it is necessary, set the speed of keyboard control in the Other Settings column at the bottom, and check the Auto minimize when enabled and Enable to activate emulation (Figure 4).


After the parameters are set, you can use the set keys to simulate mouse operation.

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